Nobody puts in doubt, at this stage in the circumstances, that it is practically essential that entire enterprise engaged in marketing a product or brand through the online channel, should have a blog. Even though this company not perform sales expressly through an e-commerce platform, for example, having a blog is a great way to generate a positive image, educate consumers, offer added value, communicate important developments, and many other benefits, which, in short, have to do with the appropriateness of maintaining this channel developed and active. But having a successful blog depends on many factors. Here are five keys that will help you to develop a better blog and get the most out of this powerful tool of institutional communication. 1. Adopt an efficient content management platform. There are many on the market, and most are free.

Even in many places allow you to park your domain so that your blog is headed by its URL/blog, for example. Post on a blog is therefore something very easy to do, and the results can be aesthetically very good, with a bit of work in the chosen template. If you would like to know more about Leslie Moonves, then click here. 2 Prioritize your blog, with actions, not just intentions. If you are going to start a blog with the same enthusiasm as before the companies had their sections of mission & Vision or last annual report, it is doomed to failure. I.e., a blog is not a static page, where one posts concepts, notes, ideas, etc.

and there ends the matter. A blog is a channel that gives you the unique opportunity to provide your company’s voice. Use it wisely. 3. Your blog, as well as his participation in the rest of the social networks, should form part of a plan of construction of the reputation online, and generating positive image, and must follow a coherent plan. It is convenient to use all these tools in achieving similar goals. If you hold an idea or an attitude in his blog, his participation in the rest of the social networks must be in tune. If trumpets one of the added values of its products is an excellent post sales support, for example, must then answer all Tweets that clients or potential clients do you get: complaints, suggestions, requests for information, congratulations, etc 4 – is constant. It is not necessary that you post every day. But if it is important to maintain a regularity. No point in not posting for three weeks, and then send 15 notes all together. Believes in their readers the habit of back for more, to learn to trust that quality material can be found on his blog. 5. Be relevant. Users look for useful information, fun, and related to their interests. Try to keep this line and pay extreme attention to the feedback that your readers can do you arrive. After all, they are in their hands to devote to the blog of your company as a valuable resource, or condemn him to the insignificance and mediocrity.