Prevent Traffic Accidents

All drivers are considered to themselves that their actions behind the wheel is usually governed by caution and respect for traffic laws. However, in practice, many times we fall prey to factors such as impatience, distraction or hurry, though all of them would be inconsistent with our own security. Taking into account certain measures at your fingertips allows you to avoid seeing mostly involved in traffic accidents or, see if wrapped in one of them, in any case it could tell you the defendant, on the contrary may be able to claim to whoever caused the damage you caused. These techniques and defensive driving safety are: a) First, you must always concentrate on driving, always keeping your vision on the road and other vehicles and traffic agents (eg, pedestrians) around you. Factors such as talking on the phone, change the radio station, listen too loud music, light a cigarette or eating a sandwich could, at any given time, causing a distraction on your part could turn out to be fatal. a b) a On the other hand, you should always use seat belts, both in urban transportation as intercity routes. This applies both you and the other occupants. More information is housed here: Cyrus Massoumi.

Note that the effectiveness of other measures such as restraint or airbag use depends on appropriate and timely. a c) Always try to anticipate the possible effects of your actions behind the wheel, as well as the rest of the vehicles. Always keep a safe distance appropriate to the vehicle traveling ahead and pay special attention at intersections, junctions and roundabouts, as these points where the highest concentration of accidents take place. a d) to control your vehicle properly. Not only must not let go at any time the wheel, but it would be appropriate for the subject to keep both hands on the position known as of the two least ten. Adapt your driving to the circumstances of the road (for example, if there is heavy rain or snow, you should reduce your speed and, if necessary, use non-skid chains or spray).

a e) For you to drive in the presence of trucks, tries to make you notice and avoid being placed in positions that could be blind spots visibility. In such situations, any action could trigger a false accident.