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Pregnancy Test Without Menstruation

Define a pregnancy test without many women who do not menstruate time, ask yourself the question: 'is a pregnancy or just wait? ". The most reasonable solution in such a situation is a visit to a specialist or use a pregnancy test at home. How do you determine – whether you are pregnant in other ways? Firstly, there are signs of pregnancy, which include: delayed menstruation, or an increase in pain breast and nipple selection colostrum nausea and vomiting in the morning change of taste (craving for salty, sour), change in appetite tiredness irritability, frequent urination These signs are not accurate because often, these same symptoms may occur before the onset of menstruation. In addition, many women nervous about possible pregnancy, may experience nausea and other symptoms for psychological reasons. Delay menstruation can occur not only because of pregnancy. There are several factors influencing the ovulation and, consequently, delay menstruation: Stress travel travel disease medication physical Load a sharp change in weight (for example, after a strict diet) more precise definition of pregnancy is the measurement of basal body temperature.

To determine pregnancy in this way need to know your menstrual cycle, and regularly conduct temperature graph. Robert Thomson oftentimes addresses this issue. You can be sure that the pregnancy is, if high temperatures persist for 3 days more than normal luteal phase (the phase after ovulation until the next menstruation, which is characterized by high temperatures. If you have read about Leslie Moonves already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Temperature in this phase above 37 degrees). By Prieur, if it is normally 12 days, and one was 16 days, then the probability of pregnancy is quite high. If the first phase (if the cycle is not very regular) can be quite different in length, the phase of the corpus luteum as a whole is very stable and is 12-14 days. Important: You should just let the second phase of the cycle, not the whole cycle. Cycle duration varies mainly due to the first phase! The probability of pregnancy is high, if there is a third level of high temperatures in the normal two-phase cycle. Typically, the schedule consists of two phases: first phase is a low temperature, and then, after ovulation, sharply rises – is the phase of the corpus luteum (high temperature). In pregnancy, it happens that after the second phase, an additional jump in (sometimes gradual) and temperatures up schedule becomes a three-phase. If there is more than 18 high temperatures in a row, then the pregnancy is likely.