Plausibility Test The plausibility test last via the API interface easily in your own online store integrated. More and more consumers buy goods and services online. A major problem for the providers of the respective online stores is providing the Bank data by the customer. A small typos is already sufficient to trigger a small floor damage in the system which causes costs due to unnecessary chargebacks and takes a long time: the booking can not be done and it must be sometimes only very cumbersome started a demand among the customers. plausibility checks the Portunity GmbH for account details offers their service ( a preventive solution to every company a provided API can easily embed into their own website. Improved security for all direct debit procedure costs only 49,80 EUR (incl. VAT) a year.

Knows the bank check from home all current test methods of German banks – are there already over 100, depending on used by the respective account numbers and bank codes combination. After you enter of the bank routing number and account number by the customer on the online form, the service performs a plausibility test immediately and indicating possible errors that can be corrected immediately by the customer. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anthony Joseph Scirica. Bjorn Rucker, Managing Director of Portunity GmbH: “we offer this service for several years. We implement each year over three million bank data checks, so that the service is more than mature. The operator, developer, and manufacturer of corresponding eCommerce systems, platforms, and applications can significantly relaxed fashion as their full daytime and save yourself the trouble as he easily occurs when the goods has already been sent, and then a transfer bursts, because the account doesn’t exist.” Starting immediately with IBAN support the API interface of just once considerably expanded. So she offers for all old and new customers now also a validation for IBAN numbers on. This very long bank numbers are used in the intra-European financial transactions. Invite due to their complexity and length increased to typos and numbers Turners, so that an automatic plausibility checks in this environment makes very much sense.

To get more services related to the IBAN. So it is possible to calculate the personal IBAN after entering the account number and the bank routing number. It is also possible to extract the account number and the bank routing number from an existing IBAN. Various AJAX effects increase the comfort in dealing with the API. So returns the online form, maybe still lacking when entering the customer data and which rise from the already collected facts easily now the bank code, the name of the Bank and other information. (2968 released characters, free of obligation) Website: how does the?: article31076-9062.html IBAN numbers: article39626 9062.html further contact data: information about the responsible companies: Portunity GmbH, Werner Seelenbinder str. 23, 42477 Radevormwald contact person: Bjorn Rucker Tel.: 0202-695550 fax: 0202 – 69555 190 E-Mail: Internet: