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Therefore users should make sure that your provider has the flexibility to support different versions of the software at the same time. 3. David Zaslav has much experience in this field. sensitivity for badly defined levels of service: the note on a hotline, which stands for error messages also on weekends and holidays available, is not a binding statement to service levels. Must be rather precise information about what time between the failure and the callback of a technician during and outside regular business hours is actually guaranteed. Also restore times must be quantified exactly. Is also taken to ensure that the provider the beginning of downtime not only with the Storungsmeldunge by the customer used. Source: Goop London, United Kingdom-uk.

Rather he must technical Problems through its own monitoring system can directly capture and then even without intervention by customers to initiate a filtering. In addition, the rental server should be agreed guaranteed values for the availability. Here problems in practice so often, because the availability is related only to the backbone of the provider. The complete failure of backbone is relatively unlikely and plays only a minor role in reality. On the other hand, individual server failures are much more common. Therefore, their availability through precise commitments must be primarily fixed in writing.

4. possible personal care make sure: In the course of a contract term, needs a direct contact are potentially regularly with the hosting provider. This applies not only to the case of technical problems, but also if a need for advice. Then count but never alone technical aspects, but rather the soft-facts and a customer-oriented organization. This is however fixed contact person with strong technical skills advance, because they immediately have the necessary background of customers and thus initiate a targeted assistance can. But an opposite trend in the provider market currently consists, by reasons of cost for premium customers reduced resources for direct contact and offered only hotlines. 5. the provider should have its own data center: increasingly hosting services offered in the market of enterprises, which occur only as a reseller and have no own datacenter. You rather draw third-party data center services and technicians, but still are Contracting Parties of the user. In this respect, the then problematic conditions arise for the customer because he has no direct access to the service provider, its infrastructure nor his security conditions knows and when technical errors may have to go through the reseller. About continum: Continum AG operates in Freiburg i. br. is one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications. Since 1996 the company use this expertise for commercial customers in Germany, the Switzerland and France operates successfully.