You can make a fence of metal rod. It is best to install it on a small (not higher than 0.5 m) the foundation of brick or natural stone, alternating columns of the same material as the base of the fence. Bars in the cross section can be square, rectangular, triangular or circular. Forged rods usually end with sharp tops, that simultaneously and serves as additional protection from uninvited guests, and decorated the fence. The optimum height of the fence of a metal rod – 1.8 m. The construction of a higher fence is lost rigidity, and its should be strengthened by spending additional material. For the construction of the fence, you can use "grid" of cells in a square, rectangle, diamond, etc., which is brewed from metal rods in the form of sections, more complicated patterns (scrolls, volutes) are produced by cold bending. The most expensive is the fences that mimic the classic fence, wrought iron.

In the process of hot-forged metal stretches, bends, changes its cross section. Hot forging is of two types: computer and manual. Products forging machine will cost much less. But the blacksmith using various technologies can make a metal fence kind of old iron, blackened silver, copper various colors or shiny steel. The fence serves only delimit the site can be made of poles, between which are suspended from chains.

For its production will need: metal or plastic poles, chains of the same material as the support. First, set the posts. They usually have a height of no more than 50-70 cm chains may be of different cross sections, with links of various sizes, the number also not limited. To iron stakes are usually fastened iron chains. Their weight depends on the material, of which the units. Chains may be cast iron or made of lightweight aluminum alloy. They are welded to the iron poles or attached to special hooks. The latter option is used and the assembly of structures made of plastic. Metal fence, if it has no protective coating, must be regularly painted. Depending on the quality Paint this procedure should be performed every 1.5-5 years.