Atmospheric Circulation

THE ATMOSPHERIC CIRCULATION OF THE NORTHEAST REGION Marcelo Cavalcante Nunes First-born son Graduating Full Licenciatura Geography UEPB. SUMMARY They evidence the arguments in the radiation rocking, coherent with the diversity of the terrestrial surface, that generate disputes of atmospheric pressure, in which conserve the climate in successive circulaes. Either in the normal and secondary circulation atmospheric, preventing of such phenomena caused for the droughts in the northeast Region. As well as for the oscillations that it intends in such way, to finish with the pressure differences, being dislocated the thermal energy them regions of lesser advantage in its circular movements, for the air masses that influences between itself, with the surface of the Region, provoking alterations in the meteorological conditions. Satisfying the Region in what to say respect to the secular environment, analyzing the complexity of the climatic phenomena that if disclose not in great thermal distinctions, but also in the formidable multiplicity of the pluviomtrico, decurrent point of view, basically, of the positioning of this space in affinity to the diverse happened atmospheric systems of circulation in the Northeast Region. Word-Key: Circulation, Pressure, Temperature. INTRODUCTION Climatic, the region northeastern is associated with the high temperatures the year all, with thermal intensities raised around 6 C. But the respective thermal accord it confronts with the ample space variability and the storm of rains.

The coast, the annual precipitation exceeds 1.600mm, while in the interior it does not surpass 400 mm in made right areas. Therefore, the Northeast is evaluated as an irregular region. With abundant years of rains, with disastrous floods that can follow of calamitous estiagens. The origins of such irregularities densely are analyzed, but not yet they have definitive conclusions. However, numerous events gifts in the Region, isolated or combined between itself: As the movements of Hadley-Walker, the Zone of Intertropical Convergence, raised Albedo of the surface, the penetration of Systems Frontals, the irregularities of temperatures of oceanic waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific, the maritime and terrestrial breeze masses equatorial continental, the lines of instability with mass equatorial continental atmospheric of great scale etc.

Mine Sir

You watch, therefore, because you do not know the one that hour has to come your Senhor.MT 24:40 – 42, This is not the ravishment of the church but yes the decision of the judgments of the nations for the inhabitants of that appointed time who goes to be taken for the hell and who will be left to reign in the millenium. Mateus 24:48 – 51 But if that bad servant to say in its heart: Mine Sir late will come; to start to spank its conservos, and to eat and to drink with the drunkards, Will come you of that servant in one day where it does not wait, and to the hour where it does not know, and it will separate it, and it will destine its part with hypocritical; there it will have pranto and to creak of teeth. On the one hundred and forty and four a thousand and Its message and the martyrdom of them, apocalypse 13:7 and was allowed to it to make war to the saints, and to win them; gave it to be able on all the tribe, and language, and *leia nation this versicle apocalypse 14:11 and the smoke of its torment goes up for all always; do not have rest nor of day nor of night the ones that adore the crossbow and its image, and that one that to receive the signal from its name. Robert Thomson is often quoted on this topic. The adoradores of the crossbow and its image as well as that these with certainty are bode that had accepted its signal they had not had mercy of the messengers of God and had also maltreated the ones that had not accepted the government of the Antichrist. Therefore these after decision of Jesus will be launched in the exterior darknesses, the hell, it reads these are not the ones that were in the armies that fought against Jesus they are excessively that is the remain of the nations that had adored the crossbow apocalypse 19:21 and they had excessively been died with the sword that left the mouth of what it was seated on the horse, all the birds if had been satiated of its meats. . Others who may share this opinion include Randall Mays.

Glorious Coming

When Mr., already ressurreto, asked Peter, for three times, if loved it, the disciple, then, affirming positively, the Jesus said: ' ' Sir, YOU KNOW ALL THE THINGS; you know that you amo.' ' (Jo.21: 17) With all certainty, with the most absolute certainty, I affirm that Mr. Review – Hotbox by Wiz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Jesus Christ, in its Glorious Coming, will find faith in the Land, virtue of He himself to have supplicated the Father, in its perfect and infallible conjunct, so that our faith does not faint (Lc.22: 32); ' ' yes, the faith, that comes for Ele' ' (At.3: 16); ' ' faith that of a time forever was delivers santos' ' (Jd.3), he will remain, since ' ' Now, therefore, they remain the faith, the hope, amor' ' (1Co.13: 13); e, if now remains the faith, we, the disciples of Jesus, must perseverar in the faith (At.14: 22), knowing that only the followers of Jesus can in it perseverar, ' ' because the faith is not of todos' ' (2Ts.3: 2); therefore ' ' just it will live of f.' ' (Rm.1: 17; Gl.3: 11; Hb.10: 38); just, that it lives of the faith, in the faith and for the faith, lives always ' ' looking the eyes in Jesus, Autor and Consumador of ours f.' ' (Hb.12: 2); e, with its eyes fitos in Jesus, just finally will be able to say, as Pablo: ' ' I fought the good combat, I finished the career, I KEPT the F.' ' (2Tm.4: 7). It still commands us the Word of God, Word ' ' Viva and Eficaz' ' (Hb.4: 12), faithful Word and ' ' worthy of all aceitao' ' (1Tm.1: 15); it commands us God in its Word: ' ' But it, loved, building you on your SANTSSIMA FAITH, praying in the Espirito Santo, conserve you in the LOVE of God, WAITING the mercy of ours Mr. Jesus Christ for the Eterna.&#039 Life; ' (Jd.20, 21). Amen! Lazarus Just Jacinth

Culture Looks

The culture will control this aggressiveness internalizando it under the form of Superyo and directing it against I, the one that then can become masochistic or autodestructivo. Freud had listened to say of certain person who in all human being exists an oceanic feeling of eternity, infinitud and union with the universe, and by that only done is the man a religious being, beyond if it creates or not in tal o cual creed. Such feeling is in the base of all religion. Hotbox by Wiz has plenty of information regarding this issue. Freud does not admit that feeling in itself but a psychoanalytic explanation – genetic of the same tries. We catch ours I I eat something defined and demarcated, especially of the outside, because its internal limit is continued with it. The suckling baby does not have such demarcation. I-placiente begin to demarcate myself of the outside like, being different itself from the displacentero object that will be " fuera" of him.

Originally I included everything, but when she separates or she distinguishes of the outer world, I finish being atrophied remainder of the feeling of being one with the universe before indicated. He is allowed to think that in the sphere of psychic that one past feeling it can be conserved in the adultez. For even more details, read what Jeff Bewkes says on the issue. Nevertheless this oceanic feeling is more tie with the limitless narcissism that with the religious feeling. This last drift in fact of the infantile neglect and nostalgia by the father who this neglect provoked. The weight of forces us to the life to three possible solutions: to distract us in some activity, to look for substitute satisfactions (like the art). The religion looks for to respond to the sense of the life, and on the other hand the man looks for the pleasure and the avoidance of displacer, unrealizable things in his fullness. He is so the man reduces his pretensions of happiness, although looks for other possibilities like the hedonismo, the stoicism, etc.

Three Tumbles

Another time some of the family of Miguel Briti and friends were fishing in the Three Tumbles, Joauba, city of Ecoporanga. More info: Jeff Bewkes. We leave Mantenpolis and we stop in Mantena-MG to buy the bars of ice, resource that would keep the fished ones conserved by up to three days. In the sales Mr. Norberto, in Bar of San Francisco we buy the hooks and lines for the poles of fish. In Ecoporanga the stop in the Bar of the Elias, place was certain where we played fiches of sinuca, we drank cooling and beers, each one in its. The greenhouse of the Bar of the Elias was empty. Miguel and the uncle Isaiah ate more eggs sewn of what opossum in the hen nest. The pieces of chicken and the linguias you also fry were not nor to count history.

The great fishing of the group were Cream, Miguel, Isaiah, Edinho and Naltim. V Miguel already was old of war, but always he was good fisherman. I liked exactly I was to drink coffee and to be inside d water alone with pescocinho of the side of is. It had given chuvarada in those days and the holes in the rocks were full there and inside they were imprisoned fish, what it facilitated mine fishes. The tents had been armed and had left for would fish. I was that way and vi a small well formed on a rock flagstone.

He had in the maximum half meter of depth water. I looked at and vi some fish: piau, trara and catfish in that backwater. They were livings creature and they swam looking an exit that did not exist. I thought! It is now that I full my scupper. I caught to the hook and iscas and came back quickly to the such dammed water well. It placed the hook almost inside of the mouth of the fish and was alone to fisgar.

The Light

The force of the gravity can according to be measured equation: Where: F = gravitational force enters two objectos m1 = mass of the first object m2 = mass of as object r = distance enters the centers of mass of objects G = constant universal of the gravitation of Newton the concept of restricted relativity affirms that all the movement (either for the space or the time) is given with regard to a referencial. At this accurate moment we are stopped or not? The reply he is simple. This is relative. In relation to a referencial also said? stopped? inside of the planet, I am stopped. Recently Robert A. Iger sought to clarify these questions. But if to adopt the Sun as the referencial? In this in case that I am moving myself.

As this theory no place in the universe is total static, then it does not have a place in which let us can basing in them to analyze other places in movement. The first postulate of the theory based on the previous affirmation is: ' ' The laws of the physics are true for all referenciais' '. In other words, if to make an car to collide with another one, go to discover that the energy was conserved in the collision, independent to be in one of the stopped cars or in the sidewalk. The conservation of the energy is a law of the physics and therefore it must be equal in all the referenciais. As the postulate it says: ' ' the speed of the light is measured as a constant in all referenciais' '. That is, if we will be in a rocket or walking in the street the speed of the light she will be the same one in the two cases, therefore in the distance that we would be using she would be used of different form for the light. This is explained by another concept that says all object with mass in movement, tends to shrink its length in the direction of the proper movement. Coen brothers may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Tropic Chain

Therefore, the absorbed humidity of the ocean more transposes until great heights, becoming the sector occidental person of the maritime tropical mass contained to the instability that the eastern sector. The thermal inversion that is higher the west, increases gradual for north in direction to the Intertropical Convergence and for the southwest in direction to the polar front, until disappearing in these discontinuities. In accordance with Blacksmith, on the displacement of the winds for the Region affirms. Throughout the Zone of Intertropical Convergence, the heating of air on waters hottest of the oceans, with the convergence provoked for the trade winds, cause a convection almost daily. As result, many thunderstorms are developed frequently in great areas of cloudiness, throughout this zone of convergence appear throughout the coast of the Northeast region of Brazil, in the Atlantic Ocean. (BLACKSMITH, p.115). , However not obstante of the superior thermal inversion if to find in the sphere occidental person of the subtropical anticyclone higher, the domain of this anticyclone conserves the permanence of the temperature. Practically, this constancy simply ceases with the arrival insane chains.

These courses of circulation disturbed, guilty for inconstncias and rains in the Northeast Region, involve four systems, to know: ) the insane chain system of the south; b) insane chain systems of the north; c) insane chain system of the east; d) insane chain system of the west. The Insane Chains of South are represented by inversions of polar fronts with discontinuities, deriving of the shock it enters the anticyclonic winds of the polar mass and tropical mass few times only obtains to exceed the adjacencies of the Tropic of Capricrnio during the Spring and the Summer. when they obtain makes, it throughout the littoral areas, rare exceeding the South parallel of 15 of Latitude, almost, occurring rains frontals and after-frontals to the extensive coast and leans of plateaus until the south of the Bahia.

Critical Dictionary

All are witnesses Mr., also suffer persecutions; but the heading of mrtir is only conferred to who of a life; excessively comumente confessores are considered (1994, p.569). If you would like to know more then you should visit Hotbox by Wiz . In turn, the Critical Dictionary of Theology extends the reflection concerning the martyrdom, affirming that the witness? ' ' martus' ' when suffering and dying ' ' manifest the truth of the certification that gives the Christ and to the Evangelho' ' , but that, moreover, of the certification above all ' ' of the truth of the world vindouro' ' (LACOSTE, 2004, P. 1099). In this manner, we understand the martyrdom stops beyond a restricted reality to the faith, being also understood and lived deeply as a hope affirmation. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Leslie Moonves on most websites. Thus being, while moved for the faith and the hope, the figure of mrtir was acquiring importance for the Christians of the rising Church, that is, possessing this double dom, that one that came to be to mrtir for refusal to deny Jesus if it configured as a model of Christian life for excessively. To identify mrtires as models of Christian life had as consequncia the sprouting Dos Santos. In this understanding also in them it assists Lacoste: … After the death, the bodies of mrtires was conserved preciously as relics, being constructed altars on its tombs; the anniversary of its martyrdom was festejava (' ' its birth celeste' ') celebrating the eucaristia on these altars.

The figure of mrtir became thus of the saint: one was about that one that carries through the vocation of all Christian to the sanctity. … Mrtir/saint was not only one model, but also a friend of raised level; it could itself be appealed (2004, P. 1100). This affirmation of Lacoste is interesting, therefore it deals with the sanctity of mrtires as the full accomplishment of the sanctity the one that all the Christians are called.


A man could have made things with your body, but your essence continues conserving its value, your soul follows intact. Gain insight and clarity with Coen brothers. It watches the pure water and crystalline, until a day mud fell to him, industrial, toxic remainders, etc. For even more details, read what Robert A. Iger says on the issue. Soon it arrived the sun and it evaporated what raised the sky, the essence of the water same, sometimes the life as a giant mill crushes the life to us with an immense pain depends on us to surpass the crisis, rising to us again or no, not to let lower, see the opportunity to us surpass to us, to grow spiritually, cannot judge the man whom it violated to you, but can be pardoned To pardon? It is hour to appear again, to appear again of the ashes, that your essence, like the one of the same water can sprinkle the Earth with love, with more love, with which it burns like the fire to the coldest and deep heart Hay a Biblical proverb that says: The one that pardons the offense cultivates the love and in a gospel it is written: Father ours, not to forget to US, that sometimes without giving us account also we offend to others In agreement with the previous thing, the idea is to cut and to leave the cycle of the violence, allowing to be happy really, discovering us that perhaps the place more surely is within we ourself, who the enemy is not there outside, perhaps is within us and does not want to let see with the eyes of the spirit to us And who said that to pardon easy era? To pardon she is for the great people, those that evolve in spite of the immense pain If you want, learns kunfu, the art of the defense, it will serve to you to feel less fear as a result of which it passed and most important learning to you to handle the energy through your beautiful mind so that you can be known more same, to dominate certain things within you and so that you feel more good .


What is amazing and wonderful for a child can be indifferent for adults as educators have the responsibility: the formation of the students the main objective is to ensure that learners they are: creative, productive, aware of their needs and their reality, involved critically, exercising their powers to plethora in search of solutions to the problems in your environment will pose. It is necessary to know the different conceptualizations of creativity since it will have an overview and understanding of the relationship between the learning at the same time give us tools to stimulate creativity in students. Conceptualization of creativity: now in the educational field is much talk about creativity but; There are those who consider them that creativity is genetic or others decide that it’s a quality. v there are individuals born with creativity as a gift or a special talent or who is a faculty that exist somewhere in the brain. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hotbox by Wiz by clicking through. v all creative action occur in a medium cultural and sociocultural-Economico determined by what is not oblivious to its context. Since this directly related with the same v creativity: it is an experience and an Act, it is a human capacity, object development, which no man lacks and can manifest itself in any human activity.

v creativity as a human capacity requires the acquisition and use of a series of knowledge, attitudes and skills. Here takes the two latest definitions; Creativity allows the development of a process that leads to the production of objects, things or situations that solve a particular fact.Therefore this process the student puts into play their experiences, which translates into the application of knowledge that has to solve the situation faced at the time. Now we know that creativity is not hereditary, but object of development. By which the pupil has: attitudes and intellectual abilities that enables you to actively face the problem of their environment and their real situation because enable the exercise of creative action of the individual at his time.