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Online Store Design

Catalog design should be designed so that buyers immediately find the desired information: description of commodity groups, photos, prices. There may need: clear contents, glossary (Alphabetical or subject index), references to analogues, a reminder of complementary goods (‘do not forget to buy’). Fashion directory must strike the imagination, provoke a positive attitude towards the company and its products, to inspire confidence in the dominant market position of the company and its bright future. In this case, no need to save on paint and free space. Print directory – an important stage on which depends as much on design.

In Depending on the edition chosen printing method and Postprinting works. For example, the circulation of ten to three hundred copies to give appropriate for digital printing. For the serious runs selected offset printing. When people think about the idea directory, even before the design stage to perform, in what way will print a directory on a paper, what colors. To create a unique style makes sense to think about Postprinting processing, for example, polishing of individual fragments, etc. And finally, how to make a catalog? How to make the content? After all, are usually the most brilliant idea can be broken on the harsh reality when it becomes clear that all the experts on the goods or Corporate marketers are engaged in ongoing projects and to fill the directory to no one.

Here can help foreign artists – experienced design studio specializing in the manufacture of directories. They can develop the structure and catalog design, preparation of uniform description of the goods (to perform a copywriting or rewriting for the preparation of descriptions), to carry out typing, editing, proofreading, layout, etc. If the directory will be produced periodically, for example, for exhibitions or as changes in commodity prices, it is reasonable to think about automation. For more specific information, check out rusty holzer. Automation of the catalog usually involves the relationship between the printed directory, the directory on the web and directories in tovarouchetnoy system (here we are talking only about the product catalog). For the correct approach to the automation needed to understand what is the primary source: Designator catalog tovarouchetnoy program or such web site. Publication catalog from 1C to print or publish the directory of 1C for Online Store – be feasible, given that it developed specifically for data exchange formats such as xml.