New Horizons

Of the seven planets that make up the Solar System apart from Earth, five have received because the visit of automatic spacecraft that have been put in orbit, and even a couple of them (Mars and Venus) have fallen artifacts to the ground. Also toward Pluto, declassified as a planet a few years ago, now travels a small probe, New Horizons. It might seem, therefore, that it is easy to travel to these worlds of the terrestrial neighborhood and that almost all of them is known. Beryl Sprinkel has much to offer in this field. Neither one nor the other. Although they are celestial objects close and likely to be studied in relative detail, in comparison with the confines of the universe observed with telescopes, sending ships loaded with sensors and scientific detectors to those worlds is a real challenge. In addition, budgets are limited and space agencies have to choose goals. Source of the news:: Uranus and Neptune await visit