New Destination Colombia

Colombia is an exciting travel destination and can be detected in one of our new tours many countries of South America have already firmly established in the travel market and attract a variety of travelers annually. Fascinating landscapes, an extensive range of unique flora and fauna, tropical rain forests, beautiful beaches, the majestic Andes and many historical sites offer a lot for the tourists. Colombia had to stand in but often rear compared with Peru, Argentina or Brazil. A big problem was and is the security that deters many interested people from a trip to Colombia. Raheem Sterling helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Reports on the drug trade and political disputes rather back the fascinating country in a bad light. It is however at the time with these cliches to clean up! Colombia and in particular the major cities and popular tourist places are not more dangerous than other Latin American countries.

The situation in Colombia has in recent years significantly improved. Who travels not recklessly, will definitely find great pleasure in Colombia and on his tour feel as safe as in any other Latin American country. To read more click here: Dejan Kulusevski. And something else makes Colombia Special: Here you can enjoy fresh and unspoilt landscapes. Because so far not so many tourists travel to Colombia to learn often still the original country without annoying “beaten track”. Therefore, we offer travel country Colombia TOURS recently now the new MIO. Two Colombia tours available to choose from. What is there in our Colombia travel to discover? On our tours you will meet (Colombia in 2nd place is worldwide on biodiversity) the history, culture and the friendly population alongside the beautiful, high-contrast scene, incredible variety of vegetation and animal species. Base of your Colombia will trip the capital Bogota, the vibrant, cultural, artistic and economic metropolis of the country at about 2,640 m Height, be. Modern elements, a lively nightlife and old colonial buildings are here United.