Municipal Management

Municipal Management can prevent the disorganization of company structure. So much so, that in its time (end of year) there would be no reason to argue (before any action on) the alleged existence of problems or personal actions (subjective) and non-labor, pro or against the bosses, as this account management policy basic requirements for its legitimacy, which are: “opportunity, content, self approval and self-commitment.” Additionally, we must take into account that, for obvious reasons, each leader will have, timely and completely, require (a Municipal Management) the minimum required (under the responsibility, of course) in order to be able to achieve their goals self taxes.

On the other hand, interesting observation considering the fact that in the new management policy management mayor of the Municipality of Asia, you can clearly see a definite commitment of labor and social responsibility to take a position or function, but with a meaning, purpose, or objective defined. For even more analysis, hear from Rumer Willis. In other words, the clear and reasoned criticism and self-criticism, philosophical awareness, expeditious or performance, based on the principle that you can not go to a place or reach / achieve a target without first not be clear where one is found. Means in other words, stating that “if no one knows for sure where or in what conditions we are, we will be worse in a position to determine what we want or want to reach place, and knowing if the latter, will not only vague or misguided but impossible for us to do, to say the least. ” The most simple and relevant to what we thought: “We can not make a chair, if you have not previously before or at least knowledge or clear idea of what a chair.”

The above new management policy of municipal management, presents a two-pronged rationale: i) Functional .- based As justified by the introduction of pioneering and decisive “Business Policy / Management expeditiously” (directed more to the private business public in terms of guidelines and quality standards and efficiency), proposed, designed and executed by the Municipal Management District Municipality Asia, for this year 2009, and ii) Current .- Because it is justified also in the vital, urgent and unavoidable need for such guidance lead Municipality and implementation of management policy according to the highest speed, efficiency and production of the present times of information and technology, new standards of ownership / leadership of the modern administrative management, the increasingly evident development and growth of the District Asia and hence the recent increase, in turn, the load management / labor in this City, and finally also as a preventive measure against the increasingly tangible damage that is causing the global financial crisis.