Mr Schwammer

Has an incredible natural awareness This developed in these children. You are the generation that can provide for the welfare and protection of elephants in the future. There are 2 large elephant rescue stations in Sri Lanka itself. “The Pinnawala elephant orphanage” and the elephant transit home “. There are boy by hand rearing fed up and fed and cared for sick animals. The animals are kept in loose flocks and lovingly and humanely. Offering them a home and much employment through playgroups and bad trips. You may find that Jeff Bewkes can contribute to your knowledge. The ASERC project in cooperation is also with these facilities.

Every additional cent helps these wonderful sensitive animals that so urgently need protection. Samoa rider therefore has its novel flame dispute”dedicated to just this project. One-third of the proceeds from the sale go project directly to Mr Schwammer, and about him directly to the ASERC. There’s still a little short description of flame dispute: A strange world, our not quite dissimilar: there are strange things happening. The inhabitants of Karhunas don’t really want a powerful Summon God. But instead they get two young women surprised as answer to their prayers. For ginger, and Tess, two quite unusual girl, begins a new and exciting life in the mystical world of the guardians. They accompany the friendly, menschenartigen being in the city Karassa and take the opportunity to finally leave her old, bitter life behind.

Everything seems to be perfect, the idyllic town offers them a home and the possibility to learn real magic. In the family of the child’s visionary HAISHA, they are lovingly recorded and regain their courage. Only the regular attacks a rampaging Dragon tarnish the luck… As finally mysterious is happening in the city and discovered ginger the Dragon eggs close to the city, the events raise profound moral questions. Torn between gratitude and anger they must decide whether they will stand in the country and their new friends in a looming war, because only their unusual connection to each other can the unnecessary Prevent bloodshed. If you decide to help, it is a dangerous tightrope for ginger, which gives itself more and more the magical arts and not realize how close she already on the precipice is for more information, visit excerpts or orders please the homepage. The book is available in well-stocked bookstores and Amazon, when ordering the author himself, however, the revenue is higher a lot and on top there is a personal dedication. Posted by: Sylvia tab