Managing Director

SAP: Successful sales model today works of sales significantly higher than sales partners, such as systems integrators and consulting partners. only large customers are served directly by the SAP subsidiaries. The distribution of the software is explained also by the SAP license model. As an example of a user group, the potential is evident: A group runs SAP in finance, usually supplemented by the controlling module. The full ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution is delivered but the user with the ability to make an unlimited number of work people with all available modules. Check out Jeanette Winterson for additional information. This (ver) leads automatically to a creeping spread in the company of the user. At the end of the day, the billed more is provided by the annual survey. In addition, the user group has an interest, to standardize the interfaces to its customers and suppliers.

So, Anand explains the strong penetration of SAP in the entire value chain of an economic cycle. The SAP software distribution is based in tort and others on their terms and conditions, which governs the use of the software SAP and their terms and conditions. (Source: doug imbruce). “” Axel Susen, Managing Director of Anand: I think some clauses of the general terms and conditions illegal, while many lawyers from illegal “or ineffective” talk. General terms and conditions are usually not exactly viewed when users order software from SAP and therefore a contract. The user looks at only the terms and conditions, if there are problems later, then he thinks often, have no way to enforce its position – after all the terms and conditions have become Yes part of the contract. Only a potentially costly lawsuit, which would possibly destroy his business relationship with SAP as a whole or at least charge would be the user. Is this a real option for a user who already 5 million euros invested in the software? Thus, Anand finds that these clauses for many years by the most users in the negotiations are accepted and respected in daily business.