Lima Fields

The Pestraf disclosed that, in all the country, the organized crime uses 241 terrestrial, maritime and aerial routes to take women, adolescents and children to the exterior. The study also it points the envolvement of authorities with the prostitution and the existence of nets of aiding of traffic supported by the use of the technology. Throughout the highways of the Maranho, especially in the Region of the Cocais, children and adolescents they are contracted for ' ' programas' ' for until R$ 10,00. Some ranks of fuels, in the BR-316, that binds the cities of Timon, Caxias, Bacabal and Lima Fields the So Lus, serve of prostitution points. As in all the Brazilian cities, Caxias also suffers the happened consequences of a economic model that has generated the social concentration of income, unemployment, differences, feminizao of the poverty and the violence. By means of the faced difficulties the problematic one of the violence against the woman became the main focus of work and difficulty for the public services of the City department of the Woman, being about a question of daily and routine public health in the life of the women. for the municipal organism of politics for the women of the administrative management of the city of Caxias is indispensable the formularization of new politics of confrontation of this problem. Therefore, the solutions found for the municipal government amongst others can be detached the implantation of public services of attention, shelter, accompaniment and confrontation of the violence against the women, searching partnerships with the governments of the State and Federal Government to firm accords that made possible a humanizado and efficient attendance in the combat of the social inaqualities and violence of sort. For this the city of Caxias in the year of the 2008 still in the management of the Municipal Coordenadoria of Public Politics for the Women management, firmed accords with the Special Secretariat of Politics for Women SPM/PR through presentation of the project of implantation of ' ' Center of Reference and Attendance to the Mulher' ' , also &#039 was contemplated the Project; ' Campaign of the White bow – Men Joined For the End of the Violence against the Mulher' '.