Learning Chemistry

1 INTRODUCTION the scientific knowledge if finds organized and divided in diverse forms. Learn more at: Sean Rad, New York City. Amongst them, they can you discipline be detached them lecionadas in classroom who present relation between itself. Chemistry is a branch of this responsible knowledge for studying the substance, its composition and structure, the transformations that it suffers, as well as the involved energy in these processes. The applicability of the boarded concepts in Chemistry is of extreme importance for the life of the citizens. It is present in the manufacture of fogos of artifice, production of energy, confection of frmacos and would perfume, industry of nourishing goods, ambient remediation, among others.

While it disciplines, it incorporates the curricular matrix of basic education and average and its learning must provide to the agreement of the phenomena and transformations so that educating, in based way, can use this knowledge in its taking of decision and interaction with the social environment. Chemistry is a science that constantly passes for changes due to discovery of new concepts. Therefore, attempts to diagnosis the possible problems of education learning of this substance have gained space lately. The education of Chemistry must occur of form that facilitates the learning. However, the thematic ones have been worked in distant way and without direct bondings with the seen contents previously, what possibly cause desmotivao in the pupils, therefore of this form, the learning does not become significant, that in saying of Moreira (1999, P. 14) is ' ' a process for which a new information if relates, in substantive way (not literal) and not arbitrary, to an excellent aspect of the cognitiva structure it individuo' '. One perceives that it does not have a concern in developing the logical reasoning, in accord with the problematizao them contents. The student, therefore, 3 answer the exercises and questionings, using the common sense. He does not have changes or reflections in its form of understanding.