Integration Workshops

Throughout this paper have hinted different problems that can occur when two cultures come across in a takeover or merger. To sum may be mentioned the following triggers of conflict, itself compiled experience and relevant literature, between Argentines and Brazilians, when the latter are buyers: Perceptions of change and crisis, without giving space to the feeling of lost opportunity national identity existing rivalry between neighbors. Geographical and historical context. Media impact on the negative perception of the presence of Brazilian capital on the principal. Low quantity and poor quality in official communications to members on the procurement process feeling imposition of the stronger over the weaker. Part of the organization acquired (Argentina) lack of prejudice buyer to know the local culture. No consideration of cultural breadth and expertise in foreign cultures (see first paragraph on page 4 of this paper) in the election of Regional Directors and Corporate.

First and downsiezing restructuring actions necessary for organizational change is perceived as a threat to the rest of the posts labor. Members of both strongly believe in their methods and practices and discredit those of others. Prejudice, by Argentines, disorganization in the way Brazilian labor. Prejudice, by the Brazilians, for so little effort in the Argentine labor. Integration Workshops insufficient management and executive level. Lack of integration workshops at middle and low. The list is not limited to these items but it is illustrative of the pieces of a puzzle difficult to assemble. These conflicts are usually produced by: practical implementation of force and, consequently, disruption of the members and refusal to accept the behavior and practices of foreigners.