Quantum workshop of consulting Dr. Kraus & partners helps companies to tread new paths. Again and again one hears the complaint by business leaders: we need to understand a radical change of course so that in the future, we act with success on the market. The causes can be varied. For example, that the savings in the previously practised are exhausted (production) process. Or the customers ask for new products and solutions. Or a radical change has occurred in the market. In a question-answer forum Time Warner was the first to reply. In such situations, companies almost automatically ask the questions to himself: what (action and decision-making) options do we have? And: How can we make the change of course successfully? “” Specifically for such situations where for example a strategic, technical or mental turnaround “require, the management consultancy of Dr.

Kraus & partner (K & P), Bruchsal, a quantum workshop” called an innovation concept developed. This is divided into four steps. In the first, an inventory spot is performed by K & P consultants. In talks with the Managing Director and responsible employees in the affected sectors they determine, where exactly the shoe pinches in the processes, organizational structure, or the products. Then the K & P consultants identify possible solutions, by for example analyzing: competitors of the company how to solve the problem? Or: What solutions are practiced in other industries? Or: What new solutions are as a result of technical progress and customer requirements change the possible? Then, K & P consultants will meet with the relevant employees of the company to a workshop. There you will be presented by the K & P consultants found solutions and more designed with the employees.

Then, the various approaches with regard to their feasibility and prospects for success are evaluated before finally a possible implementation plan will be developed for the success most promising approach. Finally, create a documentation lists the results of the project and also a possible timetable for the implementation of the solution containing the K & P consultants.