Infectious Diseases

In these cases, the movement to ban half the cars depending on their license plates – even or odd. The principle of parity of numbers will be applied in a cyclic mode. As compensation, these days the city authorities cancel the payment of public transport. Note that in this moment per million inhabitants in Brussels for about 450,000 cars. What is better for environment: driving a car or walking? A very interesting argument that the ecology is more useful for travel by car than walk introduced a British scientist, Chris Gudel. He argues that environmental protection need to travel by car rather than walk or ride a bike, as suggested various ‘green’ organizations. Conducted by scientists showed that at a time when a person goes about 5 miles, his body burns about 180 calories to compensate for that he needs to eat, for example, about 100 grams of beef.

In the production of 100 grams of beef harmful emissions into the atmosphere is about 3.6 kg. At the same time, in overcoming the same distance on the average car in the air emitted 0.87 kg of CO2, which is about four times less than in beef production. Meat can be replaced with 420 ml of milk, but when you receive this product emissions amount to 1.2 kg of CO2. All this is much worse than a trip by car, noted the researchers. In winter, the risk of contracting deadly bacteria is much lower than in the summer if the winter is ‘flu season’, the summer can be called ‘season of bacterial infection’, say doctors. The prevalence of serious infections caused by gram-negative bacteria increased by 17% with each increase in temperature of 10 degrees, the scientists calculated.

Thus, in summer days the scope of some serious infectious diseases can be 46% higher than in winter. In midsummer the risk incidence of respiratory and gastro-intestinal infections, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and blood reaches its peak, the doctors concluded. Thus, in winter the risk of contracting deadly bacteria minimal compared to the summer. And yet, in the winter should also protect themselves from various kinds of infections And above all from those of acute respiratory viral infections such as colds, acute respiratory disease, influenza. congratulates all its readers with the first calendar day of winter! Stay healthy and do not be ill! To view the complete version of the article and discuss it can be found here: ECOportal.