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Would like for that to me that my new blog this indexed in google? Do well to get traffic to my new blog, and like earning money on the Internet with this? Well this is more complicated, but if you dire that is very important because it is one of the first steps to achieve it. When you create a blog the first thing that you think is in monetizing with Adsense and yaaa there I’m earning money to jets. The majority of people think this, but after some few days they realize that nobody visited ah his new and fun blog. And that is happening? I’m doing wrong? One of the reasons that you don’t have visits in your new blog is good, because your new blog ah not been indexed to Google databases. Index into bog to goolge actually is very easy if you have in mind some important thing. How more quick of being indexed in google, and probably the more important, is that google will index in the category (lease keyword) as your you choose and for this we create an article and we will publish it in a directory of articles. Example if you’ve created a blog to make money online, your keyword could be how to make money in Internet then create an article with this and as title put you this keyword; already in the body of the article you put a link pointing to your new blog, it is very important that the link of your blog this in the keyword you have chosen in this case how to make money on the Internet, therefore so google indexed your new blog with this keyword. It is very important to be indexed with our keyword, as well as your new blog will be found in this category..