Has A New Guy Ritchie?

The ex-husband of Madonna to console themselves with a new whether these are true feelings? At least one could doubt it, since the divorce is not so long and finally there is relatively sure that Guy Ritchie also once must have loved Madonna. In the divorce Guy Ritchie was always seen as the “loser” or “the deceived”. Has he really been so quickly shaken off his feelings – or replaced? Who knows. One thing is certain: at the moment, he has someone at his side. gtc-t/’>Technip FMC to learn more. A female companion if you like! But this woman is not anyone no unknown beauty that just pops up and hardly anything about it at the daylight comes. No, the woman who is allegedly on guy’s page at the moment you want to heiress Jemina Khan.

And already the rumor mill bubbling again at full speed. To the sizzle they took the two when they appeared together at a dinner party. Happy she should have looked, as eye-witnesses. Let’s see what still makes the time.