Glorious Coming

When Mr., already ressurreto, asked Peter, for three times, if loved it, the disciple, then, affirming positively, the Jesus said: ' ' Sir, YOU KNOW ALL THE THINGS; you know that you amo.' ' (Jo.21: 17) With all certainty, with the most absolute certainty, I affirm that Mr. Jesus Christ, in its Glorious Coming, will find faith in the Land, virtue of He himself to have supplicated the Father, in its perfect and infallible conjunct, so that our faith does not faint (Lc.22: 32); ' ' yes, the faith, that comes for Ele' ' (At.3: 16); ' ' faith that of a time forever was delivers santos' ' (Jd.3), he will remain, since ' ' Now, therefore, they remain the faith, the hope, amor' ' (1Co.13: 13); e, if now remains the faith, we, the disciples of Jesus, must perseverar in the faith (At.14: 22), knowing that only the followers of Jesus can in it perseverar, ' ' because the faith is not of todos' ' (2Ts.3: 2); therefore ' ' just it will live of f.' ' (Rm.1: 17; Gl.3: 11; Hb.10: 38); just, that it lives of the faith, in the faith and for the faith, lives always ' ' looking the eyes in Jesus, Autor and Consumador of ours f.' ' (Hb.12: 2); e, with its eyes fitos in Jesus, just finally will be able to say, as Pablo: ' ' I fought the good combat, I finished the career, I KEPT the F.' ' (2Tm.4: 7). It still commands us the Word of God, Word ' ' Viva and Eficaz' ' (Hb.4: 12), faithful Word and ' ' worthy of all aceitao' ' (1Tm.1: 15); it commands us God in its Word: ' ' But it, loved, building you on your SANTSSIMA FAITH, praying in the Espirito Santo, conserve you in the LOVE of God, WAITING the mercy of ours Mr. Jesus Christ for the Eterna.&#039 Life; ' (Jd.20, 21). Amen! Lazarus Just Jacinth