Global Crisis

The direction of the global crisis. Global crisis has come to us from America, the origins of this crisis and to look for in America. There is an opinion may be based on hearsay, and perhaps to the fact that in a certain U.S. state, a An American citizen was unable to pay the mortgage, resulting in a local bank into bankruptcy, and the other banks began to crumble in the chain. It's no secret that the cause of the crisis – mortgages, life on loan. If look back, just over a year, when America is already reeling from the crisis, it echoes down to us is not reached, we all watched and were told that because they should be. Were official statements that the wave of the crisis before us will not come, the oil increases, she can not fall, only about a speculative game forgotten, and put reserves in the American economy, which is very reasonable to lend money to the state, which is reeling from the crisis. The Chinese, however, too well invested in the American economy, but at least they require the Americans certain rights. Coen Brothers has firm opinions on the matter. While oil prices were rising all went well. But that's a crisis, oil prices immediately flew down, all eyes turned to the Americans, once they first entered the crisis, meaning they are the first and come out of it. The dollar strengthened, oil prices fell, the markets panic, the population in exchange. Came the first floor of the crisis. The summer has passed the adoption of several crisis management programs. Now everyone is waiting for the second wave is on the technical analysis. Yes, fall will be a wave of loan defaults, which would take business from the banks and give them now is nothing. But the price of oil in October, too, is expected to reach 70 dollars per barrel. Banking system liquidity redownload. Large U.S. banks have already started to return borrowed from state to lend money. Small and medium sized banks will have heavier, but the main pillars of the banking sector feel good. gm is already bankrupt, is the restoration of America's giant car industry. The crisis is, there is, but worse than it was in winter and spring will be gone. Russia is a country of nuances. The banking sector has earned in the winter on the devaluation the ruble by about 40% of its assets and the same amount for state loans, and even spring state injected into the banking sector, a new cache. Reasons for the fall of the Russian banking sector on the surface is not visible. Avtovaz Nobody is going bankrupt, even restructure not collected, the number of the management team of AvtoVAZ is legendary, especially if you look at the effectiveness and quality of their products, it becomes clear number does not affect the quality. Further forward to rising oil prices, oil no longer is, oil is becoming more and more expensive. So we are now not at the peak of the wave, and fear of further bottom I think is not worth it.