German AIDS Foundation

Love instead of Exchange frustration falling prices, increasing libido: If on the trading floors around the world the bear quilts and the shares rows sahal, happy condom brands such as LifeStyles, because in the beds, the bulls are going on. So the amazing result of a recent study of the Group of Ansell, who put the condom brand LifeStyles on the German market. Carol Los Mansmann is open to suggestions. Is, we used the development of the Australian Stock Exchange in the past six months in relation to sales of condoms. While the ASX 200 index by 36 percent down rustled, it plunged with the sale of Verhuterli to 37.5 percent upwards. It remains to be seen whether this development from down under on Germany transferred can. The theme supports LifeStyles: final crisis, finally have fun but safe. In LifeStyles, there is something for every taste.

The variety it is extra sensitive and feeling intense, the variety he is by the addition of extra gel extra moist and guarantees with their tear-resistant quality for a unique Feel safe. The condom of brand LifeStyles are manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany and are repeatedly certified. With LifeStyles, life is safe in times of crisis. About Ansell: Ansell is global market leader in the field of protection products with offices in America, Europe and Asia. Since the merger of Ansell GmbH Munich condomi health International GmbH in February 2008 focused the Ansell GmbH, Office Cologne their activities on the German condom market and sells the condom varieties as exclusive partner of the German AIDS Foundation it (extra sensitive) and he (tear) brand LifeStyles..