Garbage Disposal

"GEO-city office cleaning" Waste – a side effect of any large-scale activities. But there are institutions in which the problem of garbage disposal is particularly acute: hypermarkets, construction companies, industrial enterprises. They need a simple and economical methods of disposal of industrial waste, household and construction debris. Minimum cost, minimum of headaches for management. It is these solutions offers the "GEO".

Economically, legally, simply Services company "GEO" – a great opportunity to organize garbage cheaply and efficiently, following with the letter of the law. Recycling of waste produced in specially designated areas. "GEO" supports low fares for garbage collection in Moscow and Moscow region, because company focuses on long-term cooperation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin by clicking through. Accurate prices can have managers. Basic services: garbage collection, recycling msw 1, and large-sized debris. The contract for garbage containers, garbage removal contract, punctual compliance schedule Company "GEO" offers a contract for garbage containers. Park special equipment allows you to organize regular and uninterrupted export of msw, bulky, and construction debris on a pre-agreed schedule. Loyal customers who have concluded a contract for garbage collection – it's hypermarkets and shopping centers, industrial enterprises, Avtokombinat, construction companies and the structure of municipal services in Moscow.