First Energy Summit

VRE and GE Energy Europe’s future plans for green energy at regional level Cologne, PowerGen Europe work together to help – the Assembly of European regions (AER) and GE Energy have the \”Energy Summit of European regions\” (European regions Energy Summit) a joint initiative launched, to move forward in the field of energy challenges that face the European regions today to deal with the possible solutions. If you are not convinced, visit Romelu Lukaku. The \”Energy Summit of European regions\” is the first Summit that will bring together regional decision makers and European energy experts. He will be annually held from the end of April 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. The Summit is aimed to deliver regional answers to current challenges in terms of energy and to prepare the future of regional energy for future generations. If you have read about Paper Excellence already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Economic efficiency, security of supply and environmental protection are the biggest challenges facing the regions. The European regions play an important role in the choice the energy solutions which are implemented within their territory.

By working with GE Energy in Europe and around the world, company established one – is the Assembly of European regions to the unique interface between world-renowned energy experts and regional public policy makers. It aims to support the energy – and environmental strategy of the European Union, as well as to allow the creation of an outstanding Centre of expertise, which provides solutions in the field of energy for all European regions. Every year, this Summit will represent the end of the previous year’s activities of Aer energy, and the various stakeholders be informed about the solution methods, developed through \”Peer Reviews\” (expert assessments), and in seminars. In 2009, Aer will perform four \”Peer Reviews\” that have aimed to evaluate energy issues in the guest areas and develop suggestions for improvement. The \”Energy Summit of European regions\” will then technical Experts, including experts from GE Energy, and decision makers examine the various specific responses that were developed during the \”Peer Reviews\”, and make concrete proposals for technological energy solutions.