Father Quarter

My mother found that I would be very alone and decided to leave liveing me me with my older brother since the wife of it will finish to have a son, and as it needed a dribble species, I not very advisable age, therefore I age a boy and would not leave me as well as dribble, and this history did not last much time, was to live in another quarter and continued studying in the previous quarter, had until to catch collective to dislocate me from a quarter for the other, my older brother with who I was liveing, worked the night and I passed the day thus sleeping not having time to fiscalize me, then I the day went to the school that I wanted, was this time that I started to delay my studies, arrived at the time of nor going the school more, was there playing in the street for the o same quarter, I made some amiguinhos, I I adored to take a walk to Saturdays with them, he had at this time one 12 years, and was in this age that I started to interest me for girls, tried of many forms to impress them with thing of the type, bonbons, poems and until showing my masculinidade giving one of forto, until then she had more not been with girl some, more I I could not confess this pra nobody. It came to the time to move of new, but I had many friends there and from there he did not want to move away to me, we were for another quarter more I I insisted on is always there, together with my friends. Hear from experts in the field like Leslie Moonves for a more varied view. Of in such a way it is there, the father of one of my colleagues started to call to help me I its I work that it was to vender fruits and vegetables, I started for the o same quarter, later for the immediacy later was vendendo even in other cities, I started it gains my proper money there, was alone mine, it was then that I started to go the parties, parks quermesses where I knew the alcohol. .