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Espalda Intensity

If you are owner of a electroestimulador and you have backache, is because you want. You have in the drawer of the closet the solution to your ailment but you do not know how to use it? or nobody have explained you what programs ponerte to clear that pain? From sport and physical health I am going to teach to you how to diminish and to eliminate a contractura and the backache with your electroestimulador. First that we must do it is to put the patches well to us. Add to your understanding with Amazon. If this point you do not know it clearly, visits the article how and where to exactly place the patches for an effective electroestimulacin. You have once it placed in the sore zone, while you watch, or you are reading, or even resting, you can be dndote a session of massages with the electroestimulador. The programs to use are the following 1 program TENS: This program will eliminate the sensation of pain the zone, but eye, is not going to you to clear the problem or the cause that originated the pain. It is going to eliminate all sensation of of pain and that of entrance is going to cause that you feel far better.

It is a very smooth program that you do not have to give much intensity. You do not allow that the muscles are tightened during this one program. To the most mini sensation of tension, the intensity falls. 2 the descontracturante program (to 1Hz) This program will cause that the contractura is undone and will clear tension to the zone, and so you will feel a tremendous lightening. Here the intensity to apply must be comfortable since this is a massage program and you are working on a sore zone. It remembers, smooth and comfortable intensity. 3 the program oxygenation (to 9 Hertz) or endorfnico (To 5 Hertz): These programs will cause an important flow of blood to the sore zone.