For savings, if we on the same wall from both sides of the socket, make one side of the wall Stroebe, and to exit at the other side of the drill hole. As a result, we received only one cutting grooves on two sides of the wall. Also proceed with top light for chandeliers, etc. To Stroebe walls needed punch, the power of which depends on the strength of the walls, and Bulgarian with a diamond disk. If conditions permit, the apartment is not habitable, get faster if propylene all planned Stroebe grinder with a diamond disk or Wall chaser, and then the remaining hollow drill.

But it's too dusty work and should work in all media protection (respirators, goggles, gloves, headphones, although many are working without the last 3). If conditions are not or you do not like large amounts of dust can be the same storage job done alone drill. Stroebe hammer easier on the joints of plates (two walls, ceiling and wall, 2 ceiling), since they tend to be smeared with a light cement mixture. Stroebe can paddle or special shtrobnikom, but they are usually quickly , because they have no solid pobeditovogo layer at the end. Optimal variant perform shtroblenie drill diameter of 12-14 mm. His pobeditovy blunt tip rather difficult, and it costs less than the blade and . Deepening Escutcheon drilled under a special crown (for plaster or brick) or, if the wall is concrete, will be faster to do the same drill. To do this, draw the size of accessory boxes on the wall, drill drills on the perimeter and inside the deep hole layout a little more depth Escutcheon, set the drill in position and just slotting the same drill all too much inside scoop marks.