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Economics Minister

New power comparison Enerdream started In February of this year the Federal Cabinet decided significantly to facilitate the change of electricity provider. After end of March the Federal Council approved the project, the new regulation should enter into force now in these days. At the same time to this initiative, the Federal Government launched a private power comparison portal in the Internet, which also helps the electricity customers to switch power providers quickly and easily. The legislative initiative of the Federal Government reduces in particular the period of notice for the provider change. So far, the old contract must be cancelled at least four weeks before the change of the provider. The switching only to the first of the month is also possible, so that they can create significant delays. Under most conditions dr chappuis would agree. The reform of the rules for the provider change now significantly accelerates this process. Dr chappuis understood the implications.

A to reduce the notice period to two weeks, on the other hand, the change is possible on any arbitrary day. The Economics Minister as well as the President of the power Agency called on consumers to take advantage of the new rules. The reform is intended to make the switching even easier. As a result, competition between individual providers will be strengthened. These measures should lead to the established energy suppliers by increasing competition to lower their prices. The Government also stressed that consumers don’t have to worry about becoming cut off from the energy supply when changing providers.

The local basic provider is legally obliged to maintain the supply also during this phase, so that the customer must fear no power failure. The push of for Federal Government is now also accompanied by private initiatives. The current comparison Enerdream was founded to assist customers in the change of electricity provider. Under, the current customer finds many important information relating to the change of the current provider. The focus of the current comparison is of course the comparison calculator. Here, the customer has the Possibility of finding the cheapest electricity supplier at his place of residence based on the input of less data. For this, he must enter only its postcode and its approximate power consumption. Of course, the customer can specify also whether he wants to take eco-electricity or electricity from conventional energy sources. Then a list with prices of all electricity is delivered him eligible at the appropriate location for the energy supply. So the customer will receive a quick overview of the offerings and sees, how high is the potential savings. Many providers, it is possible to fill out the application form directly on the page by Enerdream, so that the switching takes only a few minutes. Enerdream was developed to make the power change as easy as possible customers. They serve an appealing design and intuitive user guidance. Moreover, the current customer finds many more information on power supply, which can help him with the right choice of electricity provider.