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District Court

The EU offers different arrangements for debtors in financial difficulties – which easily can be found in England. And it works but… EU insolvency in England. A way to debt relief in a year. So, the door is open for a new start without long-standing inability to act after a short time. Even though many voices of the opinion are something for the Germans couldn’t… Just last week a decision in favor of a German was taken at the District Court of insolvency had registered in England. The EU insolvency based on the English insolvency provisions which enable a remaining debts after a six-month period of good behavior.

In this context, the insolvency of England offers further advantages: the court costs for a bankruptcy procedure in England are far lower than in Germany. The bankruptcy will be decided in England in a few hours. Remaining debts in England automatically without further judicial scrutiny. topic. The English remaining debts resulted in the deletion of your entire debt (also, Schufa). The EU insolvency program worth 20.000,-euros of debts sum (especially as insolvency proceedings in Germany usually also about 5.000,-euros) it sufficient usually easiest English skills for successful processing. And what are the requirements to meet: for a bankruptcy in England only the food point / place of residence must be routed to England. This should be 6 months before the insolvency filing there stable.

These include the English official course such as message to social security, the public health system, as well as the permanent home address. These steps up to the insolvency monitoring agencies such as help well with consultants in Germany. They make usually also free counseling sessions if they are reputable. Robert Muller advice debt free fast service