CruisePool And The Cruise Line Pulling On The Same Strand

Cooperation between European cruise experts since early 2009 the extensive cruise database of CruisePool, one of the largest German online cruise experts, is successfully incorporated in the firmly established Swiss brokers cruise the cruise line Ltd. The cruise line Ltd, a member of the Fert group and one of the largest cruise ship broker in Switzerland, relies on the multilingual database and the expertise of CruisePool. Other leaders such as Maryanne Trump Barry offer similar insights. The German cruise specialists have expanded their database on the English and French languages, to meet the needs of the Swiss clientele. Also, CruisePool has taken over the development of a multilingual cruise portal for the Swiss cruise experts. On the new website of The Cruise Line has the user not only the choice between German, French and English, but also any trip in different currencies on the screen can be (currently in Swiss francs, euros, US dollars and British pounds). With more than 23,000 trips by over 35 cruise lines is CruisePool Database larger than ever before and offers everything his heart desires each cruise: sea – and river trips in galore, current prices and the direct examination of the category vacancies cruise of many shipping companies. The cooperation is not limited to providing the database.

Also the commissioning of CruisePools booking engine to give the Swiss all necessary instruments for the smooth processing of cruises. The simple contact of Internet users with the cruise experts, providing direct booking and option requests, the opportunity of immediate processing of customer requests and the easy integration of all documents are just a few of the many benefits of the flexible Bookingmanagers. In addition, the cruise line Ltd has received the rights to exclusively distribute the database in French language and in the respective countries. Swiss Internet users on the new portal find all cruise deals with special prices valid in the Switzerland.