The queratina acts on the aerial part of the hair, transforming, in few minutes, a soft, plastic mass, which can be eliminated simply with facility by means of a spatula or with water. One is a fast shaving (5-8 minutes), painless and comfortable. Also special creams for sensible skins exist. With this method of shaving the skin does not run risks of you cut and in addition he remains smooth during more time since the growth of the hair is smoother and the epidermis better is hydrated. Previously some creams irritated the skin and they even had an pleasant scent little, which has been solved when being enriched with tranquilizing assets and when using perfumes with being able cubriente and stability.

Advice for shaving with creams depilatorias: If you exceed the time of delay recommended for retirarte the cream, because rednesses can produce you, kindly read the form of use of the product and ten in which it can vary according to the marks. Like the shaving with blade, cuts the hair but it does not take it by root, although it is less aggressive that this one. This shaving is little lasting and slower as well than the blade..