Discover the Costa Brava or Catalonia based on maps, photos, and lots of tips! The Costa Brava is considered main holiday area of the Germans. The metropolis of Barcelona attracts every year again millions of tourists. The beaches of the Costa Brava (not to mention Lloret de Mar) are repeatedly from tourist crowds along controlled. Learn more about this country knitting. Distances and journey times: Figueres, Girona: 60 km / driving time approx. 55 minutes of Girona Lloret de mar: approx.

60 km / driving time approx. 55 minutes Lloret de mar to Calella: 25 km / driving time: approx. 35 minutes this card free print out? Our tour starts in a city, representing many as the Dali City: Figueres. It is probably true that the city would have become nearly as famous, if Dali in Figueres had opened his Museum. The further course of the tour brings us to the city, flying to many tourists as a destination airport. A known cheap airline has taken namely the airport in fitting and flying to this city from many European airports. In addition to but above all the beauty of the approximately 700 years old city of Girona, Spain, Florence is this, for budget-conscious tourists interesting point to mention.

Best you park your car at one of the many large parking lots at the riu onyar. From here you have a beautiful view on the historic old town, the churches and the pedestrian bridges that connect the North to the South. Girona itself has welcomed people from diverse backgrounds in their history. Iberians, Romans, moors and Franks came and went. Today, the Spanish city is firmly in the hands of tourists and students throughout the year. One of the highlights of the old town is the old quarter. Here, Harvey Elliott expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With a little luck you can look through the open door an or other, to see the beautiful backyards.