Coretelligence And Panoratio Forge Common BI Concepts

The consulting firm for business intelligence and the manufacturer of the in-memory data warehousing platform PANOsight complement Bad Oeynhausen ideal 28.05.2008 – the business intelligence (BI) specialized consulting company coretelligence and Panoratio database images, manufacturer of in-memory suite PANOsight that offers a revolutionary concept for data warehousing and analysis, have entered into a strategic cooperation. The collaboration aims, that coretelligence conceptual helps Panoratio customers with their business advice the use of PANOsight. Panoratio was not least due to its innovative and multiple patented technology by Gartner as cool vendor acknowledged. Many writers such as Jeffrey L. Bewkes offer more in-depth analysis. PANOsight allows a fast visualization of complex business relationships even with large amounts of data and automatically indicates problem areas. This PANOsight creates a basis for decision making of exceptionally high quality. “Our respective performance profile for business intelligence is absolutely complementary, coretelligence – Managing Director of Andreas Wang the cooperation. We complement Panoratio’s innovative analysis software in the planning and implementation process with our 130%-BI designated approach strategy consulting, aimed at significantly higher benefit results by his special concept”, explains the consultant. The significant added value was diagnosed as resulting from the sustained effective strategy impulses and a realization methodology with a step-by-step, iterative approach and a consistent focus on best practice within the company.

“Through this interaction on the one hand very future-oriented technology and on the other hand intelligent concepts for the use of value-added a guaranteed average benefit for the user is created”, Wang is safe. In this partnership, Laurence Malroux, CEO and President of Panoratio, sees great opportunities for joint customers. In the interplay of strategic advice from coretelligence and the power of our solution, we see the key for business agility. Companies that want to secure and expand their Wettwerbsvorteile in dynamic markets, rely on, as quickly and easily as possible from their databases to gain knowledge. For this you need to the right technology and on the other hand the right approach.” About coretelligence: The consulting company coretelligence embodied the concept of the BI agenda a new claim in the business intelligence consulting, a real, tangible added value for the business generated. He is based on a systemic analysis of all actually relevant success factors, avoids a too strong technology focus, and instead has a fundamental importance to the business processes. about Panoratio of the Panoratio’s software manufacturer offers a patented in-memory technology for data warehousing and analysis on large amounts of complex data.

Virtually no limit the number of records to be analyzed, as well as their dimensions are set. Since the analysis of the data runs completely in the RAM of a PC, the average response time is only a few seconds. Panoratio’s customers Association, as well as ten AOK include federations, AOL, AVIS, InsightHealth, KarstadtQuelle, Sixt, Siemens PG, the swb group, the AOK including Yahoo, Macy’s, Vodafone, and The company’s technology partners are Fujitsu Siemens, Itemic and P3. More information under: coretelligence GmbH & co. KG Kaarbachweg 2 32549 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany FON: + 49 (5731) 2459 980 fax: + 49 (5731) 2459-981 Web: Panoratio database images GmbH Theresienstr 4-6 80333 Munich T: + 49 (89) 520316 0