Contemporary Poets

Francisco medeiros poet conservative of the good customs, of the moral, dacoerrncia with the life, of the dignity, the Christian charity and the decency, qualities that still are revealed in the human being, exactly nestetempo of sexual freedom and accidental sex. This poet is victim dainverso of values and the sexual and moral degenerations that are vistashoje as progress and evolution. He represents the ones that in the society mesmosem to reveal its opinion are inflexible. These virtues that if vneste poet, are in the truth fruit of a hard one discipline, are condutaperfeita are not gratuitous, are a constatao of that this is melhorcaminho for the humanity. Visit Gavin Baker, New York City for more clarity on the issue. The conservadorismo is opposes asconceitualizaes that it searchs to devaluate what comocerto is established and to construct to concepts and truths that are favorable the suafraquezas and degenerations. SHADES Shades have the color Shades have the love Shades have pain In leves a tone of green In the eyes the tone of the truth Of what in fact it is felt Nor everything resists For cause of the intensity of the color I do not say the same of the love I do not say the same of pain The colors of the clothes In the varal the tonality of the blue one The intensity of the love is never equal of each couple It is shade of the love That it is never equal. Francisco Medeiros J.