Company Network

The same girl said. Robert A. Iger has firm opinions on the matter. Already from the name of the company, I realized that this network marketing business and sell these dietary supplements, cosmetics, etc. Yet essentially telling the company to complete a questionnaire distributed to all. Jeffrey L. Bewkes often addresses the matter in his writings. I taking advantage of this break, went to the girl who gave me an announcement to clarify the activities of the company. To the question 'is network marketing? " it like a man does not tolerates any kind of misunderstanding its activities, and asked 'What do you mean by network marketing? ".

'That is the essence of the company is to build a team with a view to more efficient distribution of goods? " – I asked (as the word is not just picked up a good, but certainly as it is:)). 'Distributed flu and other diseases "- was her answer. I have at that time were lost all desire to communicate with her and stay in this room, but finally decided nevertheless to clarify: 'In your company has activities, implying stable income ?'' And where you are in our country saw a steady income ?' 'Goodbye' As it turned out, except for me from there took about 2 / 3 of those present. And the stomping on the street all they shared their negative experiences. And among these people were teperishnie and former networkers who understand the essence of network marketing and respectful of this type of companies, and after such 'Presentation' a disappointment and depressed. It was after this experience I realized how bolshinsva in our population there was opposition to network marketing.

Why deception to collect the people who obviously do not configured to cooperate with the network companies (on the message boards a lot of mlm suggestions and willing to have a huge selection), but also disrespectful to them. Maybe the company in a piece of the presentation that I pouchavstvovala, is worthy of attention and sell a quality product, but due to her careless employees, its reputation in my eyes blackened. I find it unacceptable to communicate with potential customers or employees (and just man) in this way (see above), to find fault with him, instead of interest, tell us about the benefits of the goods and opportunities for collaboration. I am personally against the network marketing do not have anything against it. I have a lot of friends who have successfully conduct their business in different companies. And maybe, during the current crisis, it is a chance for many.