Types of car stereo manufacturers today created a huge number of car stereos. In this article we look at the most popular types of this equipment, but initially should be understand what is the car stereo systems. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rumer Willis. Radio is a device consisting of a radio receiver, audio amplifier and recorder. There are three types of tape recorders for cars, each of which has several features: – MD-receivers; – CD-Receivers – Cassette receivers. James H. Billington may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To date, most often, produced CD-and MD-receivers. As for the cluster models of automobile stereos, they equipped with mechanical control rewinding, a system of noise suppression, as well as the mechanical ejection of the cassette. Moreover, some newer models offer an opportunity to connect to them or the MD-CD-changer for that in addition to tapes and still play CD and MD drives. Speaking of CD-Receiver, it should be noted that differ in sound quality: in particular should pay attention to how the system reacts to the shocks and blows, because, unfortunately, roads on which you ride, listening to favorite recordings, in our country is very poor quality.

In addition, CD-Receivers different number of disks, which can be simultaneously inserted into the system. Speaking of the MD-receivers, important to their scope – they are used to reproduce the small magneto-optical disk drive (apparently they are similar to floppy disks, just a bit smaller). However, for the most discerning musical gourmets There are quite a rare model of recorder that include a cassette player, MD player and CD. Most of the Unit in addition to FM-receiver, equipped with more and FM receiver. In addition, under strong interference in the transmission signal, you can select stereo or mono mode for the radio. In addition to the above features, the car radio are different and the number of channels through which sound is transmitted. In particular, four- tape recorder called the one speaker system, which is equipped with four speakers, a 2-channel – sound system with 2 speakers. Moreover, a number of professional models, car radios are equipped with built-in equalizer, giving the ability to add or diminish bass, as well as expose timbre whatever was the composition.