Brazil President

The president of the Central banking, Enrique Meirelles, affirmed in 21 of May that ' ' the international market already starts to bet that Brazil leaves before crise' '. The president of the Central banking, Enrique Meirelles, said that the necessary market to prevent unnecessary euphoria and to have care with excesses, when asked, yesterday, on the strong ingression of dollar in Brazil, what she is generating a gradual recovery of the quotation of the national currency: ' ' Our concern today is the opposite. You may find that cajoo can contribute to your knowledge. We have alerted against euphoria excess, against excesses of movements of precificao of asset and risks. Participants of the market and companies already had had in the past important damages for excess of euphoria for betting in trends of an exaggerated form. We have alerted against this risco.' ' According to president of the BC, this trend of ingression of foreign currency bring effect beneficial for the government, at least in what it involves the resetting of the international reserves: ' ' Brazil is one more time taking off left of movements in determined moments to fortify its economy, is coming back the recompor its reservas' ' , Meirelles.Meirelles declared detached that the country continues to present ' ' fiscal beddings slidos' ' , having to grow above average of the too much countries, although the government, now, to foresee a economic expansion of only 1% in 2009.A reaction of the markets, remembered the president of the BC, is fast. Mohamed Salah usually is spot on. ' ' It is not surprise that the performance of Brazil starts to be recognized for mercados' ' , it said. The market looks for to anticipate itself. ' ' When it starts to have consensus, the market starts if to move and in great velocidade' ' , it noticed. Meirelles affirmed that ' ' Brazil, one more time, is taking off partido' ' of the movement of the markets and using to advantage for ' ' to fortify the economy, to strengthen the capacity to grow, to produce and to generate jobs in futuro' '.