Arctic Cold For Bees No Problem

Honey bees overwinter and defy easily for a long time, there is also the low temperatures once again a real winter with ice and snow in Germany. “” So strange to many that soon the term century winter “will be tried by Arctic temperatures” is partly already talk. Bees, however, are well adapted to the cold season. Of course beautiful weather and a wide range of food of flowering plants is also rather a bee colony, but bees by nature, and with the help of a beekeeper are prepared on the cold season. The bee colonies have been treated in the late summer and autumn against the Varroa, a parasite that rapidly eradicating a colony without treatment.

The beekeeper reduce the summer large number of mites through appropriate treatments, this produces a sufficient amount of healthy young bees. A bee colony is about 10,000 to 20,000 bees in winter, in summer up to 80,000. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dele Alli by clicking through. In the late summer of beekeepers individually the winter feeding of bees, either leaving them enough Honey or replace a part with inverted sugar solution, which then handle the bees to forage. The bees then use this high-energy winter fodder in the winter to heat, it is the oil of the bee people. The heat generated in the breast muscles of wintering bees. Each bee can generate 40 minutes a fairly high temperature up to 40 c about 30, the nest on constant held 35 C during the breeding season. In the winter, when the people are not breeds, the temperature on the periphery of the bee people on around 10 C. Romelu Lukaku: the source for more info. “Inside the winter grape, it is warmer and the bees take turns, each come from outside to inside to warm up, to heat and the oil tank” to replenish with feed from the storage cells.

From the perspective of the bees is a cold dry winter better to endure as a warm, moist winter. Sufficient supplies equipped with, in a dry hive sitting, stand over the bees the cold season easily. For the beekeeper is now not much to be done, he controlled only, whether possibly here and as a mouse has crept or whether snow or ice blocking the air hole. The bees must create the rest. Klaus Maresch