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An Explicit Form

An explicit form of discrimination that could have its days numbered if it thrives a bill which seeks to ensure equal pay between men and women. The initiative by Mr DC Eduardo Diaz and Alejandra Sep lveda, seeks to amend Article 62 bis of the Labor Code, stating that “in remuneration should apply the principle of equality between men and women working for a service of equal value . According to this regulation, every employer with five or more employees must maintain a written record of the appropriation for various offices or functions exercised by its employees, which was designated the number of people who play and identifying the names of those currently the exercise. Registration will be available to any of their employees and competent labor inspector. The parliamentarian, said after entering the project, amending the Labor Code, that “we are beginning to mark a path to restore the rights of women and the family. There can be, and this will guarantee all studies that women earned 30 less for the same function performed by a man. What is even worse because we can not forget that in Chile 40 of households are headed by women. For his part, Diaz said “no doubt this is an issue that while the whole country knows, too, everybody accepts (…) ask why rapid processing and pending until we become law of the Republic “. Source: cod articulo 79530/