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On the one hand, he is young, since 30% of the population are less than 15 years old and only 6% more than 65. The life expectancy of its inhabitants goes up to around the 70 years, superior to the average African Asian and. But, in addition, the territory Latin American it lodges important deposits of petroleum and gas, as well as other resources and agricultural and fishing raw materials, without forgetting the excellent data that it is the first potable water reserve of the world. Spain has a relation privileged with Latin America, but the globalisation demands to us to have ampler frame of interchange and cooperation with that zone, besides joint regional strategies. We have spoken of poverty and inequality, but also of climatic change and power challenges. And we spoke of regional integration and social and territorial cohesion. Latin America would have to approach some pending reforms that they have to do with the institutional and economic fortification, with the operation of the State and the investment in physical and human capital.

On the other hand, the European Union would have to assume the importance of improving the relation with a continent that, more and more, assumes its role of global actor. Of there the importance of which the processes of regional integration conclude successfully, then not only they will suppose an important step for the American sub-regions, but also for Europe. The company/signature in the Agreements of Strategic Association with the Andean Community, Central America and Mercosur will abrir markets, but also the consideration of political and economic partners of the European Union to a great number of countries, as or they are it Brazil, Mexico or Chile. This one would have to be the great task of the next years. In the joint work of the next years they must give two conditions: that Latin America advance and that the European Union assumes its role of political leadership in this precarious international balance. Leadership that not only it will have to be moderate in terms of exercise of the power, but in the fact to become a referring one, in a model, able to solve some of the problems which we must face. Migrations and climatic change are some of them, but we cannot forget the poverty and the social exclusion or the extension from the human rights to all the places of the planet. Jimnez Trinidad Secretary of State for Ibero-America Original author and source of the article.