A New Ball Sensation

New balls for the youth of the SG Preetzer TSV/Kuhren Preetz, SH/03.11.2008 – on the Tuesday the 04.11 at 18:00 the handoff on the sports ground in small Kuhren, the initiator of the conveying brand held youth sports in Preetz, Stephan Oldenburg. Overall, the funding mark donates 15 new footballs for the youth team of coach Carsten Doose. The acute need for high-quality footballs to support training was approached a few weeks ago at the funding mark on the part of the trainer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ted Hughes has to say. This year, it is already the second ball Foundation. In March, the youth girls team and the E2 youth boy’s team of the Preetzer TSV received a total of 24 new footballs. A promotional brand youth sports in Preetz aims to make the possibilities for sporting activities more accessible to young people and to support existing sports projects. Schedule dates: Tuesday, 04.11 18:00 sports ground small Kuhren