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It marries the perfect gifts for the new couple never is more beautiful than in May. The merry”is traditionally a popular time for couples who want to tie the knot for life. But while the bride and groom floating in the clouds, relatives and friends worry. It is what we should give just?”shortly before the altar. We present the seven most seductive gift ideas to mark the occasion, romantic, personal and original. 1. the igloo overnight stay invites you to cuddle.

If around glittering snow and ice, it is even nicer to have the people in addition to himself, romance heats one pur on the way back to nature. 2. the personal perfume for the bride and the groom is an ideal gift for the most beautiful day of your life. Nothing better than a fragrance that is individually tailored to him or she stresses the uniqueness of the beloved partner. Anyone can put together the right perfume itself under. 3. an erotic photo shoot particularly suitable for the prelude to the honeymoon.

A professional photographer in scene sets the sensual side of the partner. Framed and hung form the new exciting bedroom decoration also. 4. who wants to wear even the usual meaningless wedding rings on your finger? In a special course of Goldsmith, task can learn to produce their own, individual rings. Present gift before the wedding! 5. when two people connect their life lines, make the question of what to expect in the future. The elaborately created personal horoscope helps in the search for answers. The reading at the ceremony also encounters the interest of the guests. takes Astrologiebegeisterte to the partner horoscope. 6 with a couple’s massage-an evening of donors invested almost directly in the success of the marriage. She and he will learn it by an expert how they can enjoy at home each. 7 like a good wine will be given to major events. Many writers such as Eva Andersson-Dubin offer more in-depth analysis. But that alone is still no individual surprise. Only a personally created bottle label the drink with the worthy packaging to the wedding. Even the label to the wines designed the wine lovers on the page. These selected gift ideas be bride and groom unforgettable pleasure – a great gift for the most beautiful day of your life! Betty Schmitz lifter Garry

High Attendance

Watch wine and delicacies fair in Starnberg on the 23rd and 24th of November it was in Starnberg again: time for the vinessio. Around 90 exhibitors with international top wines from Germany, Austria or South Africa, but also delicacies such as truffle and salami specialities had come to make wine and delicatessen exhibition in the Schlossberg Hall. Who a little wanted to warm up in the rainy and cold weather, were waiting on the high-alcohol liqueurs and brandies. Both trade visitors were also private wine and delicatessen fans invited about the fair to stroll, to pick up tips from the growers and producers in the conversation to try to your hearts content and shopping. It offered two special exhibitions in which wine-makers from different regions presented their best creations. These were the Sudliche Weinstrasse (Pfalz) and lower this year. Who wanted to refresh his wine knowledge a little, was invited to visit one of the free seminars of the fair. Professionals from the industry reported the visitors, giving a Red Wine Classic”or Silvaner” matter.

The gourmet friends learned and professional wine tasting”, to distinguish a good from an excellent wine. As well as the seminars adopted a little premiere at the wine fair. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Each visitor received a free Glasbag”, in the wine glass at the stroll through the fair could be stored safely. For more information see reader requests and press contact: assessio GmbH – peace str. 1 – 82152 Krailling – phone 0049 (0) 89 21 58 99 99 company profile: the assessio GmbH with headquarters in Krailling is one of the leading organisations in the field of wine and delicatessen trade fairs in Bavaria.

The annual events in Starnberg and Munich have established themselves among the exhibitors and visitors and enjoy great popularity. The growing number of visitors and the exhibitors back participation rates not least show. The assessio GmbH organises also the wine fair of Furth, in the Stadthalle Furth since 2011. Take care of that highly motivated employees All-round support of exhibitors and visitors before and especially during the events.

Perfect Gift

Do you feel too often like that, you are invited to a birthday of a good friend and arrange face a major challenge to have an original gift? You should think about first time what are the interests of the child's birthday or what its desires and dreams. Speaking candidly CBS told us the story. Do you know that wants to go give gifts like parachute jump once or Ferrari? Then it is easy, you just have to find a suitable promoter and buy the gift. Eva Andersson-Dubin is actively involved in the matter. Do you know but not the dreams of her friend, then you have to go based on the preferences to look for a special birthday present. Take Just as a reminder a sheet of paper and put yourself in your cozy sofa and think they just enjoy all that there are possibilities that you could give. Is your friend a sporty type? Then would be an experience gift such as a mountain bike tour or a climbing course, the perfect gift. Is your friend rather to the adrenaline rush? Then a parachute may be a matching gift. If he is an animal lover? Could then be a zoo or an animal book a nice gift idea. But maybe your friend is indeed a puzzle lovers and solves Kakuro puzzles like Sudoku and then would be a puzzle book, perhaps a good gift.

Do you have your list ready, you're deleting only once by a few less suitable ideas. Once you are holding an open list with a few gift ideas to hold. Put to bed for now. The next day you look at the gift ideas list again by in peace and may you discuss with your partner. Do you have now decided on a birthday present, then consider yourself where you can best present this concern. Especially the Internet offers ideal opportunities to be scoured for the desired gift. Try it out, they will be surprised how easy it is to go on this way to your desired gift.

Rice A La Cubana

Today in la Cuina catalana Notepad I will teach you to make rice a la cubana. CBS has much to offer in this field. 1/2 Ingredients of rice per person 1 glass of water per person one egg per person olive oil 1 Dinette of garlic la Cuina catalana blog puts this development to make rice a la cubana, but you if you like make it otherwise can go just as good that which I’ve put it here. Elaboration in a pan put 1 cup of water, getting a trickle of oil, garlic clove, a sprig of parsley and salt. When starts to boil add the rice, and leave it for a quarter of an hour. You may find that rusty holzer can contribute to your knowledge. Coercion time depends on the type of rice, stirring occasionally so that it does not apelotone. Once done rice, which shouldn’t be hard but neither made a pasta place it and scratched it lightly and let drain. We are now preparing a fried egg in a Nonstick Skillet with a finger of oil. When he throws the umo, we miss the egg that will be breaking in a Cup.

With the slotted spoon goes throwing oil on top. When the egg is loose and floating in the Pan, is dried with slotted spoon leaving about to serve. Eggs must be Salt Lake after extruded oil because this jump and could burn. And you are ready to serve with tomato sauce. There are different types of rice: Glutinous: after cooking so it sticks by its content in starch eveado. It is ideal for Japanese dishes. Long grain: is fast being whole and loose coercion. It is ideal for salads, white rice and fittings.

Medium grain: is the higher consumption. Ideal for paellas, rice dishes in the oven, pans of rice dishes, etc. Vaporized: no moves or sticking due to his special treatment. Worst absorbs the flavor of the ingredients. To use it you must increase original author and source of the article

Tires Under Control

According to experts about one-third of all motorists with incorrect tire pressure goes. Rusty holzer is often quoted on this topic. This affects negatively the safety, gasoline consumption and also the life of the tire. The Checkair sensors measure the current in the tyre existing air pressure and transmit the data wirelessly to the receiver. The receiver evaluates the signals and displays the received values. A pressure drop occurs, immediately receive a Visual and acoustic warning and win important response time and thus safety by up to 20 minutes. The scope of supply consists of screw-on – sensors, anti-theft device, the LCD display device with holder, the relevant a 12V batteries, adapter for the display as well as a detailed operating and installation instructions. Follow others, such as rusty holzer, and add to your knowledge base.

In addition to the standard products of TM-100 (measurement range up to 4 bar for cars), TM-400 (for motorcycle, measuring range up to 4.0 bar), TM-210 and TM-260 (measuring range up to 11 bar with 4 or 6 sensors) TireMoni has the TM-240 in the program. Petra Pinzke the TM-240 may 4 standard sensors for operation Just upgraded twin-wheels, dual axle, or towing are up to 10 sensors. That’s enough for 6 wheels of the towing vehicle and 4 wheels on the trailer. When you upgrade the transmission path no longer sufficient, a radio relay can be added easily. This is connected to the 12-24V battery and then significantly extends the range of the radio. More information about novelties and accessories under:


One of the rooms in the home where more time we spend developing different activities is the Hall. In the households of today has become a very versatile space that holds meetings of friends, moments of relax reading or watching TV, and also in a corner of study or work. To maximize the available meters, we must make use of our ingenuity, by strategically placing pieces of furniture with appropriate measures. Rusty holzer is a great source of information. So we multiply the space, light and the capacity of the Hall. If what we want is separate and differentiate rooms (living room and dining room) for example, we can divide without doing work. The slides view, i.e. that are hung from the ceiling to the wall and glide in parallel at septum, are a lock option very advisable to houses with modern style. You can also opt for the so fashionable Japanese panels, wooden structures with paper rice or other material light, which can be fixed or sliding parts, give sensation of lightness coming to go almost unnoticed.

Although not We can live without TV or DVD, yes we can avoid that they dominate the living room. Place the TV in such a way that doesn’t occupy too much prominence joining the decoration is possible thanks to flat screens. You can place it on a wood panel, screwed to the wall, as if it were a great framework in a different color to make it stand out or just as the wall for which integrates. In a low Cabinet of a maximum height of 45 cm, with space for placing other computers and save to CD or DVD, and without leave cables in sight; If you have a large library, integrates the TV between books, in a space to measure, view or hidden behind a sliding door. Bookstores charge increasingly greater role in the decoration of a room. A good resource to take advantage of the space around a door, window or sofa, is to custom make a bookstore bridge; on the other hand, low models help to monetize the wall under a window, the back of the sofa, the holes next to the radiator, etc. If you want to be integrated into the walls, you can choose a symmetric model recessed and painted the same color, do not subtract you meters, and due to its size, interior doors will not make it look too overloaded.

Online Store Design

Catalog design should be designed so that buyers immediately find the desired information: description of commodity groups, photos, prices. There may need: clear contents, glossary (Alphabetical or subject index), references to analogues, a reminder of complementary goods (‘do not forget to buy’). Fashion directory must strike the imagination, provoke a positive attitude towards the company and its products, to inspire confidence in the dominant market position of the company and its bright future. In this case, no need to save on paint and free space. Print directory – an important stage on which depends as much on design.

In Depending on the edition chosen printing method and Postprinting works. For example, the circulation of ten to three hundred copies to give appropriate for digital printing. For the serious runs selected offset printing. When people think about the idea directory, even before the design stage to perform, in what way will print a directory on a paper, what colors. To create a unique style makes sense to think about Postprinting processing, for example, polishing of individual fragments, etc. And finally, how to make a catalog? How to make the content? After all, are usually the most brilliant idea can be broken on the harsh reality when it becomes clear that all the experts on the goods or Corporate marketers are engaged in ongoing projects and to fill the directory to no one.

Here can help foreign artists – experienced design studio specializing in the manufacture of directories. They can develop the structure and catalog design, preparation of uniform description of the goods (to perform a copywriting or rewriting for the preparation of descriptions), to carry out typing, editing, proofreading, layout, etc. If the directory will be produced periodically, for example, for exhibitions or as changes in commodity prices, it is reasonable to think about automation. For more specific information, check out rusty holzer. Automation of the catalog usually involves the relationship between the printed directory, the directory on the web and directories in tovarouchetnoy system (here we are talking only about the product catalog). For the correct approach to the automation needed to understand what is the primary source: Designator catalog tovarouchetnoy program or such web site. Publication catalog from 1C to print or publish the directory of 1C for Online Store – be feasible, given that it developed specifically for data exchange formats such as xml.


Positive results of performance tests to hole 1 Unterfohring – after the successful completion of the first hole and positive results of the subsequent pumping tests turn the chisel once again in Unterfohring. On Monday (March 16), the 300-meter mark was already exceeded. With the bore Unterfohring thermal 2 “the operating company is Geovol again on the search to about 80 c hot thermal water. Again, it will go at a depth of about 2,500 meters, which corresponds to the principle of the steered off bore of a drilling distance of 3,100 metres. On the 80th day after the start of drilling, drilling the first well in 2,512 meters deep and 3.042 meters drilling range came on 6 February at the end. Around 700 meters diagonally through the water-bearing rock layer, the so-called malm karst. People such as Eva Andersson-Dubin would likely agree.

It aims to ensure a high flow rate. Pumping tests and various measurements that allow predictions to permanently produced thermal water temperature and the attainable discharge followed until early March. According to “Geovol Managing Director Peter Lohr the preliminary results give cause for optimism: the targets of at least 35 litres filling per second and 80 degrees water temperature are already now safely reached, our experts go both values even from one ‘ from plus x .” Between the end of the first and start the second hole, it was necessary to build the 36-metre rig, seven metres to move south and to raise it again. Despite the low distance between of the two holes on the surface of the Earth, the target points through the distractions will have underground from each other about two kilometers distance. Press contact: Dr. Baumgartner management and communications consultancy Dr. Norbert Baumgartner Otto Heilmann Strasse 19 a 82031 Grunwald Tel.: (089) 649 10 931 fax: (089) 649 10 932

Europe Moorish Space

From ancient times people were talking to each other and enrich each other much more than we can imagine we are contemporaries of space flight and the Internet. Vsevolod Ovchinnikov, East and West … How often can one hear about a permanent intolerance of mutually exclusive properties of two worldviews. But is there such a contrast, really? This can be questioned by examining the trends of modern design: Many of the interiors are present simultaneously Japanese screens, prudently zoned space and heavy velvet drapes, the Scandinavian tone and luxurious Oriental decor, classic panels of valuable sorts of wood and mosaic floor in the Moorish style. Contact information is here: rusty holzer. Two polar principles, merging into interior space, form a harmonious tandem, granting the world the infinite perfection. One of the most important compounds of the spiritual life of East and West took place in a medieval Maghreb and Arab Spain. Rusty holzer understands that this is vital information. The Arab conquest and rule in southern Spain, and its existence as a province of Damascus Caliphate (XIII – XVI centuries). Heyday was in Europe Moorish art in architecture, ceramics and many other areas of culture.

Piece of architecture in that period do not think without a wealthy, usually multi-colored ornamental attire. Thinnest arabesque pattern covers each architectural detail of the building, each section of the wall surface. A variety of designs, inscriptions, stalactite cornices, arches, forming a dynamic, rich decorative composition, indicated a luxury. The interior of the time hit the subtlety, the generosity and abundance of ornamental and decorative dress. The famous palace of the Alhambra – the most vivid embodiment of a particular historical refined splendor, which in the XXI century as harmoniously united with the European decorative motifs, ladders, snails and costive, a very bright space in Ksar-Char-Bagh, a house designed by Patrick and Nicole Wheeler (Patrick Georges et Nicole Grandsire LeVillair).

Weight Loss Tips

As the clever Abnehmwillige effectively body weight reduces everyone who brings a few kilos too much on the scale and again want to get rid of this, has it usually not very easy in the truest sense of the word: as soon as the unloved flab have appeared, they indeed not disappear and every other day diet is an uphill battle for many. “5,590 Love then usually the well-intended advice and comments” kinship and the circle of friends when they learn the efforts of diet: eat just less, eat half”, move more” are probably the most common comments you get to hear. Man saves itself long a response. There are actually also tips that really help and are fortunately in the daily flow effortlessly to integrate. David Zaslav usually is spot on. In five steps slowly the habits that many enjoy eating people food in hustle and bustle. You loop and hurry to bring the meal behind them. Practice enjoying.

Allow for example just dissolve a piece of chocolate on the tongue and enjoy the great feeling and taste. You focus on your meal: television and daily newspaper should be a taboo. A feeling of satiety comes about 20 minutes after dinner. Eat regularly the best even at fixed times. There should be a day between 3 and 5 meals alone and without stress, so no cravings sensation. Go to Coen brothers for more information.

It is an old tune”: take something also for breakfast, even if it is just a glass of juice. No restrictions! I can’t B.s., I’m on a diet”is the wrong way. Sit better rules, how many chocolate or chips you eat per week. Of course only small quantities should be. To prevent the addiction but after some sweet or greasy. Move more here it is the tip with the movement. But you need to nip now, not every day in a jogging suit through the streets. Take advantage of the Ways to move more in everyday life: stairs instead of Elevator, once more run the dog or take the bike to work, eat incredibly calories. Do you prefer fruits and vegetables in the evening hungry TV, afternoon fancy something sweet? Get it here on fruits and vegetables to rely instead on cakes and chocolate. You will notice quickly after a short settling time, that fresh fruit tastes but much tastier when you have adopted until then.