AG FSE Platinum Interest

FSE Platinum AG sells January 2011 new LV purchase model of vialog GmbH Hamburg. The return expectations of capital life insurance for 2011 look Dim guarantee interest and participation will decrease current forecast to continue. Insured persons should lose no time and as soon as possible separate from their police, the FSE Platinum advises AG. Robert A. Iger addresses the importance of the matter here. In cooperation with the vialog GmbH, the FSE Platinum AG sells a new purchasing model that offers a rate at 2.75 percent, guaranteed payout plan policyholders from Hamburg. The crisis of the life insurer continues to the end of this year and a reversal of the negative trends in the guaranteed minimum interest rates is still long to see off. Some experts predict a further reduction of the guaranteed interest rate of currently 2.25 may be below 2 per cent for the next year already.

This prediction occurs in the coming year, so the interest of the LV policies halved smooth since 2010. Also the expected participation of the insurance are in free fall: the Assekurata rating agency has estimated that the running yield 2011 will amount to only 4.0 to 4.1 percent more than the average. 2009, some companies with good performance could offer their customers an interest rate of up to 4.5 percent. And today is clear as well that life insurance is need to adjust in the next few years more all time lows in terms of LV return, so the assessment of various industry experts. For the FSE Platinum AG is given the expected yield development that the capital life insurance as an instrument of private capital formation has largely served. But what are the alternatives have households that have completed a LV police in recent years, but with the sobering projections in terms of interest and participation does not want to settle? Of a premature termination discourages the FSE Platinum AG in any case experience, eventually these usually substantial cancellation fees, means the the payout often even well below the sum of the Press deposits. To do this, create an alternative, the FSE Platinum AG in cooperation with the vialog GmbH has designed a new purchasing model that allows not only protects, but yielding phase-out of existing LV policies.

With an interest rate of 2.75 percent, contractually guaranteed at this height of the FSE Platinum AG and vialog GmbH, the yield considerably exceed the currently guaranteed minimum interest of the capital life insurance. At the same time, the new product model allows a non-bureaucratic and short-term management of the police buying the FSE Platinum AG. Policy holders can call the number + 49 40 88 88 85 17 or be informed by email to with the team of FSE Platinum AG on the new purchasing model of vialog GmbH. About Platinum AG FSE FSE Platinum AG is the nationwide since 2003 as an intermediary in the area of insurance, mutual funds and Edelmetallsparplane. The sector complements the wide range of AG FSE Platinum real estate currently The FSE Platinum AG team practiced advising customer four-stages structured Advisory and analysis concept, with which the individual product needs of the client cannot be determined accurately. The mediation of FSE Platinum AG is independent of banks and insurance companies. The FSE Platinum AG currently maintains offices in Hamburg, Bremen and Cologne. Hamburg is the main headquarters of the FSE Platinum AG.

Online Insurance

Insurance online comparison have the right means for many people not even right. In many situations of everyday life, an obvious bagatelle can lead to an enormous argument, which is then only another court to clarify. (A valuable related resource: Discovery Communications). Such court proceedings but can cost several thousand euros depending on the value and number of instances, why some people may cringe despite the certainty of having right before doing so. The conclusion of a legal expenses insurance is worth to get right In the event of an emergency. These insurances wear not only the Attorney’s fees, but also court costs and even witnesses and expert fees. So, it is possible to do so to pay for this but one cent a legal dispute. Because there is litigation in nearly every area, private legal protection should be adapted to the specific life situation as optimally as possible.

Workers, for example, should have on the legal protection of the work, which in the case of cancellations, at illegitimate warnings or but can occur during transfers. So it is possible, for example, to sue an employer with insurance in the labour law immoral wages pay so as to benefit from a higher remuneration. One such case recently employed the Arbeitsgericht Leipzig, because a student who was responsible in a lingerie store for sale, the customer service and the acceptance of the goods and their presentation, received only an hourly wage of $6. This seller could sue for a hourly rate of EUR 8.50 and scored two-thirds of the tariff wage today thus. But also in other areas of insurance can be rewarding, for example in terms of traffic rights.

In this case, not only drivers, but also pedestrians and cyclists who also take part in road transport are insured. Legal expenses insurance for traffic law, amongst others occurs when the cause of the accident can be determined incorrectly or if a other road users is at fault in the accident. In a recent case, the District Court of Munich, for example, decided that a cyclist, when he’s driving on the wrong side, even used one-third blame can be, if the driver could see the bike riders. Insurance is one of the most important insurance companies due to the numerous and increasingly growing legal cases in Germany. Before graduating, it is however important to compare the different offers to get a cheap insurance to top conditions. A later comparison may be worth to switch to another provider with cheaper prices and increased services in the port.

Internet Insurance

The best and cheapest building insurance in comparison. In addition to its function as a pure investment, home counts for more and more housework to hedge for the age. Here the beloved “four walls” against the hazards should be secured here of nature, or the risks of everyday life by building insurance. Especially fire or water damage caused by pipeline breaks are among the most damage, but also damage caused by increasing and ever-worsening natural disasters. The costs for repairs, Wiederinastandsetzung, up to the complete reconstruction of the real estate is usually several thousand dollars.

For most of the victims were such additional financial damage by own means hard to cope with. Banks loans for reconstruction usually only, if there is a building insurance. Even if it is not prescribed for property owners, building insurance to have, should these just because of the increasingly growing natural disasters, also in German regions, be completed. Time Warner is the source for more interesting facts. Because in addition to the loss of real estate all existences are threatened in most cases. But how to find a suitable building insurance, with a post-optimized and optimal insurance protection? The easiest and most effective way is a building insurance comparison on the Internet. Many online service providers offer integrated contribution calculator on your website, in which the majority of insurance companies are integrated. You will receive a number of additional information, such as for example the contained services the respective tariffs relating to the respective insurer in addition.

Central Asian Shepherd

South Russian Shepherd muscular, strongly built, spiteful and suspicious dog. Growth of males – 62-70 cm, females – 60-68 cm head long, moderately wide format, but the abundance of a long coat makes its like a short and wide. Nose is large. Teeth white, strong. Bite correct, scissors. Eyes oval or round shape, dark. Ears Set on low, small, triangular shape, hanging. The neck is lean, muscular, high-planted.

The trunk is long, due to some directness hindquarters elevated at the rear of the (highly-). Chest broad and deep. The back is straight, strong. Limb muscular, strong, slightly posterior pryamovaty. Fingers tightly adjacent to each other (in a lump).

The tail is long, saber, hook-end. Coat long, with thick undercoat. The most common color white, gray and light gray. Leslie Moonves is likely to agree. Used this dog as a shepherd and guard. Central Asian Shepherd. Akin to the Caucasian origin. Used since ancient times to protect the flocks. Distributed by Central Asian Shepherd in Iran, India and Afghanistan. The best and flat type of sheep kept in Turkmenistan. Practice has shown that the Central Asian sheep quickly adapt to any climate, easy to train, and his work are often significantly better than other dogs porod. feature of these dogs: endurance, courage and malice. Central Asian Shepherd tall: male – 60 – 80 cm, female – 60-70 cm head is massive, elongated, with well-developed frontal part and long muzzle. Gable broad and elongated. Scissor bite. Teeth strong, dense, white. Eyes mostly dark, small and round. Ears are triangular, hanging, short cut. The neck is short, with well muscle. Elongate the torso. Chest broad and deep, with rounded edges, well-developed. The back is broad and straight. Abdomen slightly tucked. Ring-tail or serpoobraznoy form. Limb developed and muscular. Paws in the lump, or dissolved, depending on the terrain (sandy, rocky), where a dog. Wool is of medium length, quite thick, sometimes wavy, dense undercoat. Color yellow, white, dark gray, black. Dog strong, tough constitution. Strong, brave and tender. Characteristic gait – trot lightweight, extended. Gallop heavy, but fast. For malignancy, endurance and courage of these dogs are used as shepherds and sentinels. Huskies. The main residence – the north, where they are used as sled dogs and hunting. The name "Laika" they received for that finding an animal or bird, they bark at them and it kept the game to the hunter. Most common husky sled, which differ in stamina and a good workout for the day are up to 120 km. Laika different endurance, high working qualities. Use them as mounts, hunting and shepherd. The growth of small husky: male – 50-65 cm, female – 40 – 60 cm head with a broad forehead and a short narrow muzzle. Scissor bite. Teeth strong, white. Slanting eyes, dark. Ears set high, small, pointed, standing. Neck-developed, powerful, short. Trunk mostly square, with well-developed musculature. Back straight. Tail Set on high, the ring-shaped, curled over his back. Abdomen slightly tucked. Limbs well developed, muscular. Paws in the compact. Color varied. Wool length is different – long or short, tight to the skin, the undercoat is very dense. Differ husky endurance, high performance qualities. Use them as driving, hunting and herding.