2009-bigger, Better, KomaCrew!

The KomCrew is larger and would like to offer more variety and more information all fans. Look at just what you can expect in the new year… Keyword: “New media” we want together with the community electronic sport move forward. It is editorially or in the traditional text form as an article or in the form of small headlines. But 2009, we go one step further. As one of the first German eSportvereine, we focus on the new media. In the summer of 2008, you could already see a first test phase of our KCTVs.

Now we have completed the necessary plans and start matching at the beginning of the 14.EPS season with our “KCTV IP streaming”. After what German esports clan has been exclusive ESL TV ubertragunsrechte? The KomCrew e.V. has can secure the rights and wants to make this offer in good quality and free of charge at the disposal of the community. (exact start information will follow) Meets eSport games these two areas are actually almost together. Because the eSport thrives on new games and sequels. The KomCrew e.V. would like to This 2009 with a gaming portal (…) connect.

So daily eSport news be brought more broadly and more effectively to the reader. Because we achieved together as we know more. Are so excited. (exact start information will follow) Video Center (VoD) all collected videos we will in the future for you in our video Center to look at and download offer. eSport-videos or Gaminginhalte should be so for everyone available. The quality of the videos is as important as also the variety of different ways on our website to inform us. Also our KCTV broadcasts should be so for free download, if someone of you should have missed the broadcast. (exact start information will follow) We will free our homepage Homepage hotfixes from January also by these pesky bugs and construction sites. The page is faster and cleaner. Also some small areas to come. What exactly, that remains our secret Edition! This is just a small taste in things, the we for you this year at the disposal want to make. Of course also our teams will again provide some headlines and you will get to see us nationwide events. 2007 was our sample year as eSportverein, 2008 served to warm up, and 2009 it really start! There is more information as always see: